Staying Cosy (and a little bit sweaty)

Ahh what a crazy weekend! As expected it was busy but instead of feeling tired today I really have a great feeling of satisfaction – I got a lot done and it feels good.

Not to mention Saturday started with a dark hot chocolate espresso, ahhh-mazing!

Saturday, however, the zumbathon did not happen for me. I was set up to help out with a charity speed dating that night and the plan was to go from zumba to the event but there was a minor hitch. The lovely girl who runs the charity (Daegu’s Time To Give, works with orphanages in the city), was attacked Friday night by a drunk US army soldier. I don’t want to judge the entire army of this one person, but the problem with being in a country like Korea is that you are representing where you are from in everything you do. What he did was awful and totally unprovoked, not to mention pushing around a girl who is much younger and smaller then you is just pathetic. Anyway let’s now get stuck on a rant (there was a lot of that this weekend). I ended up having to run the whole event which meant I gave zumba a miss in order to get everything ready.

Instead I went out for a coffee, made xmas cookies and had a little shop for some winter things. It turns out finding non-cute scarfs and hats may be difficult.

Oh Korea.

I didn’t find a thing, but came home to make cookies which cheered me up. Cookies and hot chocolate for lunch – living the dream!

I was supposed to have two guys from the charity helping me set up the speed dating, but both of them missed trains and were super late. I went to the club where it was being held, got all the chairs and sign up list ready and then had a small panic attack as every single person decided to show up at once. All of the money in the entrance fee was going towards Christmas presents for kids in the orphanages, but we managed to swing some free shots from the club in there. Of course everybody was asking about their shots but the guy running late had the vouchers for them (plus the name tags and table numbers) so I had to stand there telling people just to wait for the liquid courage. I was smiling nicely and chatting away between sending ‘hurrythef*ckup’ texts. Luckily my helpers turned up, the event begun and went perfectly. People seemed to be having fun, I got free tequila from the bar for being in charge, and we raised half a grand for the orphanages. Success!

This was big deal for me because come Feb I will be in charge of this charity so I felt like Saturday night was a test. I feel like I dealt with all the crappy things that seemed to happen and everyone had fun. Next year I am going to rock this thang.

Sunday I had boot camp and decided to go to the free belly dancing class offered before hand. Not because I am good at that, but I just thought it would be fun to try. Umm it was not.

Belly dancing in hard! And the instructor kind of made me feel like an idiot for not getting it. I don’t think I will go back, but I gave it a go and the boot camp afterwards was awesome and sweaty. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing housework and chilling with my kindle.

So how was your weekend? Can you believe it is already heading to the end of November, ahhhh 2013 you went way too fast for my liking. Have a lovely Monday 🙂



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