Things I’m Loving this Weekend

Heya hope you had a lovely week. Mine was a bit of a bummer due to a tummy bug that was going around the kindergarten. Think bad stomach pains and no appetite, not fun. But I think it is better now, and I hope it is as this weekend is crazy busy! Anyway that aside here are some things I am loving right now.


Skinfood peeling gel. I don’t need to harp on about how amazing Korean skincare products are, but this was a new one for me. My skin gets really dry in winter so I picked up this last night to try out – ohmygoodness! It is a gel you rub on that exfoliates your skin (sorry for the grossness of that, but who doesn’t feel good after exfoliating). The amount of skin it removed was crazy and today my face feels so beautiful and soft. Best of all it was only $9 and is so good that I think I will only need to use it twice a week.

New classes. A café downtown has been offering new workout classes like yoga, belly dancing and boot camp on the rooftop every weekend. It is so good to have some new activities to try, and even better doing them with a group.

Oats!! My summer breakfast of chia pudding has been overshadowed by oats. I have been rocking overnight oats with spinach, cocoa and peanut butter pretty much every night this week. Today I changed it up and made stove top with cinnamon and pb, delicious!

Winter clothes. Not big bulky coats but lovely soft, snuggly cardigans and wraps. Sometimes I feel like I am just wearing pjs to work because I am so wrapped up in soft winter clothes and it is a nice feeling.

Winter nail colours. I paint my nails obsessively after years of working a job where it was forbidden. The stores are now getting in all their winter shades and I picked up this pretty red and a gold, lush.

Christmas of course! I love the music, movies and decorations. Right now the best feeling is sitting in a café with a warm coffee and cheesy music playing. When it comes to xmas I love the hype and build up around it.

Have a great weekend! I am off to a zumbathon followed by a charity speed dating event, it is going to be a long day 😀


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