You know what makes a Monday morning just that little bit worse? When you spill all of your coffee and breakfast down your skirt just as you’re about to sit down to eat. Fantastic.

A morning mishap which resulted in my choosing between making more coffee or more food – coffee won.

My weekend ended up being a little busier than I had imagined. I went downtown to buy some clothes/have a coffee date and do groceries which sounded nice but turned out being stressfull as hell. I blame the coffee shop. In an attempt to be adventurous and try somewhere new we went to a place that I know sells Americanos with a shot of whatever flavor syrup you like, it is tasty without all the calories of a flavored latte. We ordered a drink and a sandwich then sat down for the longest wait ever. Seriously Korea how long does it take to make a sandwich!!!

Cafes here are really about having a drink and spending time with another person, not like back home where you meet up for lunch or afternoon tea and spend around an hour in the place. Koreans on the other hand will spend an entire day sitting in a couch just talking, playing on their phones or sleeping. Maybe this is why there was no rush, but we waited 40 minutes for the damn coffee and sammie. When it arrived I felt like a big chunk of the day had been lost as I wanted to spend the afternoon relaxing. After deciding to take the coffees with us clothes shopping we pushed past the huge crowd of people to the end of the street where the shops with foreign sizes were. And it was madness.

So many people decided to go clothes shopping on Saturday – rage! I quickly found a couple of cardigans, and tried on some pants (which I really need so of course they were all awful) then we bailed and went to do groceries. When having a bad day food really makes me happier, especially when I find babies like these…

Dark chocolate with pomegranate, blueberries or goji berries, I had to try them all.

The rest of the day was spent skyping and watching the Karate Kid (the fiancée had a MMA tournament yesterday and I thought it would be motivating, it was). Sunday I slept in and went to boot camp downtown. I felt so unmotivated to go but being involved in a group like that makes it way harder to back out, if you have trouble staying motivated then I recommend joining something like this! The workout was awesome of course and I came home to eat, cook for the week and do some yoga. As you can see it was a busy weekend, but not too bad.

Dry November has been going well, I have had one drink and it was a class of champagne last night. Fiancee had been on a diet for the past month due to the fight and having to cut weight. He gave up everything sugary and all alcohol so we felt the need to celebrate his medal and end of this restrictive diet. I didn’t enjoy the drink that much, maybe because it made me want to snack like a crazy person. Then this morning I woke up feeling groggy and gross. I do think it was just because champagne seems to dehydrate me more then other alcohol, but it did make me want to focus more on the alcohol free challenge.

So how was your weekend? I hope it was lovely and relaxing, and didn’t end with a kitchen disaster on Monday morning 😀


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