I have been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. Not because I have super cool plans, but because I have none. Other then going to boot camp tomorrow I have absolutely nothing going on for two days and it is a fabulous feeling. My mind and body need a break from the world and I have some new books on my kindle which need attending too.

In keeping with my running goal, I managed to pack in more then usual and ran 4k on Thursday and 6k Friday. It wasn’t too difficult but today my leggies are feeling it! I woke up stiff and snuck in a yoga for runners workout which helped a little. Recently I have changed from running in the morning to the evening and it has meant I can run much longer and am enjoying it much more. Because of the cold I debated wearing a mask like all the Koreans do when they are out in the park, I thought I looked like too much of a ninja though and would scare people.

Running late also means that I eat dinner at 9ish and by then I am so hungry that I turn a little crazy. Last night I went out to buy some groceries after my run and got so excited looking at all the food and possibilities, but was also torn between the desire for roast vegetables and the need to eat right now. I ended up quickly heating some veggies and mixing in laughing cow cheese and balsamic vinegar. I had this with marmite on a rye bread roll and it was just foodgasmic.

After todays yoga I had some overnight oats for breakfast (they are overtaking my love for chia pudding) and began what can only be described as a fail of a morning. First I opened up the milk and it someone exploded all over the kitchen – how does that even happen!! Then I dropped my beautiful new eyeshadow on the floor and it managed to crack and go EVERYWHERE. Such a pain in the ass!! It took forever to clean and has left purple smears everywhere, despite the large amount of eye makeup remover that I used. I tried to console myself with breakfast but my oats must have had too much liquid because they were way too runny and tasteless. Ahhh what a terrible start to my relaxing weekend!

having these on my feet speeds up the relaxation process

having these on my feet speeds up the relaxation process

Random side note, I am a huge Christmas dork and have been downloading my Christmas tunes like it is the day itself. I love the build to the holiday, all the decorations, movies and cheesy music. Tomorrow I will be beginning some Christmas baking in the form of peanut butter and chocolate cookies, lets hope my tiny toaster oven doesn’t crap out on me like it has been known to.

The rest of today will be spent with a good coffee and some reading in the park.
Enjoy your weekend 😀


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