Punching the New Year in the face

Ahh autumn you are so pretty.


I love the crisp air and crunchy leaves, not to mention the fashion. It is lovely rocking out scarves, boots and cardigans before it gets too cold and all our style is bundled up. We had yet another field trip today to a greenhouse which was pretty casual and involved a lot of leaf playing.

I spent the afternoon teaching and cleaning out the teachers room (so.many.flashcards.) before coming home to sneak in my workout and relaxing. Dinner was weird as I could not be bothered cooking.

I roasted some tomatoes and garlic then mixed in lettuce to attempt to make it a salad. Had a bowl of kumara and ginger soup then an apple with peanut butter on the side. Random but delicious 🙂

Being a little nerdy, I like to make lists and set little goals for myself. I love having a clean page of paper, making my little list and slowly checking things off on it. Yup total dork, but it is so satisfying when you see yourself achieve goals or even just get tiny little jobs done. Despite this, I am not a fan of new years resolutions. I think it places too much stress on an individual and waiting around until the new year to make them means that people tend to slack off in December. It is too easy to fall into that mind set of ‘oh I can eat this now and skip this workout because it is the holidays and new years will be a new start.’ So instead I tend to begin new projects in November/December. This way I feel like by the time new years rolls around I already had a strong grasp on the next year. Rather then slowly creeping into it, I embrace the year and kick it in the face.

Last year I began running in December and it felt really awesome going for a run on new years eve and already seeing some progress. This year I have been thinking about how running has been a big change in my life and has opened up new doors and a new lifestyle too me. It has made me so much healthier and happier, I am even considering becoming a personal training when I return to NZ (a crazy in the air idea right now). One of my goals had been to run a 5k but unfortunately that did not materialize. There was a race when we first arrived in Korea but it was only a couple of weeks after we got here and I was unsure if training wise I could do that, and I have allowed other opportunities to slip through my fingers.

So with this in mind I am setting myself a goal for March of next year. I want will run the Daegu half marathon.

Yeah you read that right. Not a 5k but a HALF! That’s a lot and I am so nervous but also excited. I am always challenging and pushing myself, and have already completed fitness goals which I never dreamed were possible. I guess it is almost a test of myself. A test of the confidence I have in my mind and body, a test of what I can do if I put my mind to it, and a test of overall faith. I see this as a huge milestone, if I make it then I know I can become a personal trainer, that I can overcome every damn difficult thing that crops up in my life – exercise related or not.

. For now I will begin training towards a 10k which I aim to be able to run by the new years, then I will start on the half training. Taking it one day at a time is my motto right now!



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