Dry November Challenge

Hey there

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Mine was busy as we had to go up to Seoul to visit a friend from back home (I say ‘had to’ like it is a chore, really I should not be complaining!) We haven’t seen this person in over two years so it was so good to catch up. As our friend is Korean he was here visiting family and was able to show us his old neighborhood.
It was one of those surreal moments as we spent so much time together in NZ and I never thought I would be in Korea, let alone being shown his old high school. So a good relaxing weekend full of delicious bibimbap from a traditional restaurant, and a few drinks.

Okay a lot. It is pretty common in Korea to go out and buy a bottle of whatever you are drinking for the table. It is pretty cheap, and generally a bottle of something like vodka will coast $40 but come with some free mixers and snacks. We did just that, splurging on a bottle of Canadian Club (there were nostalgic reasons to this), which came with nachos and lemonade.

The nachos were a joke, just corn chips with cheese slices on half of them – Korea just misses the ball sometimes. We drank and laughed, but surprisingly I feel pretty good today.

After catching the train home, going to book club and cooking up a delicious vegetable soup for dinner, I am doing my usual Sunday night wind-down. This usually involves going through my mini-goals for the week, but today I feel like making a larger one. I have mentioned before that I don’t drink much, and to be honest compared to how I was in my younger days I am pretty good.
Right now though I have a pattern of Friday night going out for one or two and then having a few more on Saturday. I never get drunk or messed up, but as I have been constantly sick for the past month and trying to focus more on my health I have decided to cut back for a bit.

My challenge is to not have any alcohol for the remainder of November. It may sound silly but I want to remind myself that I don’t need to drink to relax, while seeing if it helps my health at all. Plus we are going to Japan soon and I could use the extra dollars.

Is there anything in your life that you wish you could cut back on? Why not join me in your own challenge, even If it is just for a week or the whole month. Fine some new things that make you happy in life and focus on being a healthier you šŸ˜€


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