good week, bad week

This week has gone so fast…

There were a lot of Halloween festivities at work, including carving a pumpkin.

I think he turned out pretty good.

And a Halloween party in which pretty much every kid was either a princess or superhero.

I love the girl who went as Spiderman, who says little girls can’t dress up as their hero.

But as usual being around all these kids has made me a little sniffly – okay a lot sniffly. I have a terrible sore throat and just feel so crappy, really sucks as I went for most of the year without getting so much as a runny nose. Once winter hit and I feel like I have just been battling a never ending stream of colds. Damn kids, so cute but so contagious.

But on the bright side, today was sweet and sour tofu day at work which makes me so happy.

Then I had a badass salad for dinner with apple, kumara chips and pumpkin seeds.

Right now I have a new Downton Abbey to watch and homemade ginger syrup which is about to be turned into delicious tea. I think I have been working out too much and not spending enough time relaxing. So I am seeing being sick as a warning sign and turning it into a reason to force myself to take a night off. As always, taking the good with the bad.

Happy Halloween!


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