Running in the cold and my updated playlist

It is amazing to think that just a few weeks ago we were all complaining of the heat and cranking the fan night and day. Right now I am wearing my pjs and eating soup for dinner, winter is coming soon!

When you are a runner it can be really hard to adjust to changing seasons. Particularly in your first year of running! This is the case for me, I began running in December when it was a beautiful NZ summer and conditions were perfect. I was lucky enough to time my move to Korea with the beginning of spring, avoiding a terrible Chch winter while I was at it ūüôā Then the Daegu summer came and bit me in the butt.

I was hot, sweaty and touch to keep running. I had to scale back what I could do and really watch things like fluid intake and working a run in around the suns wrath. I got through it okay, but now that things are getting colder I am feeling a little bit lost. Summer seems like an obvious thing to manage, but winter is a whole different field.

I have mad some changes though and found these really helpful, so with that in mind here is what has worked for me.

– Work out the best time of day to run for your schedule and the weather. In summer I was a morning runner, but as it gets colder this is just too hard. Colder weather makes muscles seize up easier, top this off with the fact that you have just jumped out of bed and it makes the workout a little more of a struggle. I found myself lying in bed the night before and only being able to think about how I had to get up to run, hating the exercise before I had even begun! Running after work my muscles and much more warmed up from the day so I find it easier and way more enjoyable.

hoodie, singlet and running top are a beautiful way of complementing a red face.

hoodie, singlet and running top are a beautiful way of complementing a red face.

РDress to the conditions. You may think that wearing a hoodies and leggings is silly as you will get hot and sweaty. This is true but a little bit of discomfort from being hot is a million times better then getting sick from the cold. Wear extra layers and if you need to you can just unzip the hoodie (although when it is freezing you probably wont want to).

РAdd in some yoga. I have upped my yoga, simply doing a few minutes before a run is a fantastic way of getting the body good and ready for a run in the cold. This quick hip opener is my go-to for before a run

– Fueling! Drink water of course. You may not find yourself feeling as thirsty because of the colder weather but your body still needs the fluids to replenish. Don’t feel like you don’t need a big glass at the end of your run and then get hit with a headache a few hours later.

– Music! New music is the ultimate to get you up and moving. I am constantly changing up my tunes and at the moment I cannot get enough of these tracks.

¬†¬† – Britney Spears ‘Work b*tch’

¬†¬† – Katy Perry ‘Roar’

¬†¬† – Shinee ‘Everybody’

¬†¬† – Melissa Etheridge ‘I run for life’

¬†¬† – Salt ‘n’ Pepa ‘Shoop’

¬†¬† – Ellie Goulding¬† ‘Burn’

¬†¬† – Janelle Monae¬† ‘Dance Apocalyptic’

¬†¬† – La Roux ‘Bulletproof’

¬†¬† – Lady Gaga ‘Applause’

¬†¬† – 2NE1 ‘Do you Love Me’

¬†¬† – Block B ‘Very Good’

And before you judge the kpop on there, just listen to this track and try to sit still.

Remember at the end of the day you should be thankful and proud of yourself for getting up and moving. If you aren’t running as far or as fast, don’t beat yourself up over it. The weather changes and we need to stop and look at what we can safely and realistically achieve as it does. At the end of¬†the day,¬†running should be something you enjoy and not a chore that you dread.

Have a great week ūüėÄ


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