Polka Dot Fun

For most people, art gallery conquer up feelings of boredom and stale paintings. They are those places your parents dragged you too when you were younger, that you now go to with friends because you feel like you have it. I apologise if you generally enjoy galleries, but this the case for most people I know. I do love art, it was my major at University, but I do appreciate that it can be hard to get motivated to go to see an exhibition.
For this reason, Yayoi Kasuma is a fantastic artist who makes the gallery visit so much fun.
I went to see her show yesterday at the Daegu art museum, and was absolutely blown away. Kasuma is a Japanese artist, now aged 84, who has suffered from OCD for years and channeled this disorder into a career as an artist. The artist describes her world as one which is also moving and changing, she often claims to see everything as being covered in polka dots. It may sound like just a nut case, but the works she produces are amazing. This women has made painting, sculptures, interactive installations throughout her career, and has also worked for companies such as Coca Cola and  Louis Vuitton.

The show I went to see seemed to be a combination of everything. There were amazing paintings that seemed so calming from a distance, but up close were really active and energetic. Too be honest they hurt my eyes a tad!

There was a room with giant red balls which seemed like a fun installation piece but was made more so when you realized that you could peer inside some of them. They were full of mirrors which created a never ending room.


And of course there were polka dots on everything! One highlight was this room which was totally white at the start of the show 2 months ago, but is now a chaotic and colourful explosion of dots. Each child to go to the show was given a dot to place anywhere they wanted in the room and for this reason going in the last week the exhibition is open was a little more special. These kids went crazy.

Where was this when I was a bored 5 year old at the gallery!
It was a fun show that everyone could enjoy, but also highlighted how impressive this women’s career is. While some artists struggle to perfect one media, she dabbles with all of them and manages to create beautiful and exciting pieces with each one. For me, Yayoi Kasuma reminds us that life is not dull and mundane. If we look closer we can see the world as an energetic and colourful playground which we get to live in. But I will let the pictures speak for themselves.



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