Eats and Notes

Hey bloggy readers

Hope your weekends are going fantastic! Mine is pretty damn fine as I finally got around to seeing the Yayoi Kasuma art show which has been on in Daegu for 2 months! It was a whole lot of this…
But more about that later.

I know it sounds strange, but I really like reading health and fitness blogs where people post photos of their food. It is just so addictive to see what other people eat. When it comes to me, however, I feel so awkward taking photos of meals and documenting it. I don’t know why, I just feel like no one cares what I eat, but surely those other bloggers have the same thoughts. To compromise I take a few pictures throughout the week which summarize how I have been eating. It keeps me on track I guess, but I do apologise and totally understand if it is boring to see photos of food.

I am still on my salad kick.

With beetroot, kumara, tofu, olives and whatever else I can find. These are not simple salads, they are beasts.

I have also been experience a serious problem with sun butter in that I must have it every day. I keep eating it on apples, but also find myself dipping a spoon into it all the damn time :S

Snacks of chocolate that was sent from NZ, it has not lasted.

Random school lunch of salad, rice and sauce. There was a pork cutlet with it that everyone else ate.

A pretty good lunch of spinach, rice and lotus root. This is a vegetable I never encountered until coming to Korea but it is good! The root is crunchy and Koreans say that when cooked in a pan it is like a healthy fry. Of course it tastes nowhere near as good as a fry, but is still delicious.

And just because it is cute, check out this note a little girl wrote to all the teachers this week.

Much nicer then this sad diary entry from an 8 year old girl – poor Korean kids!

Happy weekend 😀 


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