Kindergarten Gang


Hope your week has started off nicely! I spend yesterday in pain from the boot camp I attended in the weekend, not cool! On the one hand I like feeling a little sore after exercise because I feel like I worked hard, but on the other it sucks when you can’t go for your morning run because getting out of bed is a mission.

Thankfully I felt better today in time for our field trip.
We were told last week that we would have a sports day for the kindergarten classes, and that was all we were told :S Seriously sometimes the lack of communication in Korea is unbelievably frustrating. I did not know that the sports day involved a 45 minute bus ride to a mountain where it was freezing cold and we were expected to assist in running races and games like tug of war.
All in all it was not that bad, but knowing we would be up a cold mountain would have been nice.

To compensate with the cold the boss handed out these scarves which the kids decided to play ‘ninja’ with. I couldn’t decide if they looked like a little gang, or refugees. You decide.


it's hard to be a cool ninja when you need to eat.

it’s hard to be a cool ninja when you need to eat.

Who can complain about the cold day when you are hanging with these cuties. Laters 😀


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