Only in Korea

… can I wear these slippers to work and have no one think I am odd.


(also, let’s quickly point out how awesome it is getting to wear slippers to work all day).

So I talk a lot about my Korean school lunches. In particular how I struggle to find balance between not offending the cook or school and staying healthy.  To give you an idea of what I am up against here is a summary of this weeks offerings, keeping in mind that there is usually some sort of meat thing or a curry sauce for the rice (full of meat), and that I take a very small portion of rice. Despite this is still makes up a large part of my lunch, although I am slowly growing accustom to eating rice every day… not sure if that is good or not.

Sadly tofu day only happens about once a month. This is probably because the cook spends forever marinating it in an amazing sauce and then making some sort of dipping sauce to go with the tofu. It is downright delicious and I go crazy on tofu day.

Mung beans and rice….

Which we had twice this week :S Although today there was a miso soup alongside side it that I could actually eat. Most soups have fish stock but this one is safe.

Beans and rice, lunch of champions. Not too bad really as I got my protein – just not vegetables.

I find with the lunches I have to be really careful, my rule is that if I am not sure what is in it then don’t touch it. The soups for example are a bit hard to tell, but unless it is a miso one then it probably has a meat based stock in it. I also always check the vegetable side dish. It is common to toss these mini shrimp flakes through a dish like pickled vinegar, something that enrages me to no end. I mean seriously they are so small that it really can’t make a difference to the taste! And by being so small they are impossible to pick out, ahhhh first world problems!

I make these lunch posts for me really to see what I eat as I do find it interesting. The lunch system is so different to back home, absolutely no-one brings in their own thing. A fridge where people write their names on a sandwich or microwavable container would be laughed at in Korea. Lunch is such a small part of our lives, but it is funny how it shows so much about a culture and reminds me that I am not home.



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