Sunday and Eats

Weekends are funny, I often think that all I want to do is relax and lounge at home. Then when I have lots of things to do I dread the two days off and think they are going to be totally draining and that I will be feeling it on Sunday night. This weekend was one of those busy ones, but last night I felt really good about being out and about and getting things done. If I had stayed at home and watched movies to relax then I think last night I would have felt a bit bummed about going back to work. The moral of the story – doing something on my weekend makes me feel like I am getting more out of it.

Anyway my Sunday begun with coffee and pretzels in the park.

An Aunt Anne’s just opened near us and as this is something we don’t have in NZ I just had to get some. I chose the multigrain option thinking that meant it was healthier but it was basically just a pretzel with some seeds on top, still it was pretty damn good!


Part of the afternoon was spent turning this weeks veggies into meals for the week.

These babies became tofu burgers, sweet potato chili, broccoli soup and will be featured in some yummy salads.

Speaking of, lunch was another giant salad.

We have heaps of baby greens and lettuce at the moment which is fantastic as I am trying to add lots more greens into my diet. I just have not been able to shake this cold and am hoping the food will help. Having huge bags of salad mix in the house is definitely motivating me to eat better.

I ended up walking downtown for my book club because a lot of the main roads were closed. There was a festival on celebrating Daegu on over the weekend and while I didn’t get to check any of it out walking past it was still good.

There was chalk so people could draw on the street.

Lots of live music.

Horses and carriage rides (although that just made me feel for the horse who looked a little overwhelmed by all the people in his face).

And just general weird things.

So overall a great weekend that ended with tofu burgers and a movie in bed (Ace Venture, don’t be judging on the nostalgic mood we were in). I hope your weekend was just as fun 😀


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