Weekend and Happy Thinking

It’s the weekend, so of course I am sick and run down. Very sniffly and headachy, I blame the crappiness of my diet this week. Seriously what is with me and cheese! I can go months without it and then when we buy a block I go crazy and attack it like Miley Cyrus and a sledgehammer.

I have been putting more greens in my diet. If I tell myself to eat healthier then I feel deprived and just want to eat more junk, my mindset is adding in more of the good and filling up on that before munching on the bad. After eating all my veggies like a good girl I am usually too full for much else. This evening I am munching on a huge salad, with olives, tofu, asparagus, pumpkin seeds and sooooo many greens. Drizzled with balsamic vinegar it is just foodgasmic.


Marmite on toast as well because when I am sick it is just want I want.


Today was not spent resting but instead I was volunteering with Daegu’s Time to Give. This is a charity that works with the orphanages in Daegu and today we were raising money for Christmas party/gifts. Our fundraiser? We went to a giant school intentional day fair and were making and selling friendship bracelets.

Remember these babies!

I was so out of practice, many evenings of my childhood were spent making these for my friends and swapping them at school. After spending the whole day churning out bracelets I soon realized that it was much more fun when I was younger. At the event students could buy a bracelet already made or just purchase the thread then make one with us. A great idea… until you realize how long they take. People were lining up and we were like a sweatshop with a giant table full of kids making bracelets while the parents stood over them kids while screaming hurry up (no exaggeration when it comes to Korean mothers). It was an insane day but we raised a lot of money and I think the kids liked making the bracelets.

Charity work is on my list for helping out my future as it really does help when interviewing for jobs and making you stand out from other people. When it comes down to it, volunteering is kind of selfish because we looks good on paper and we feel amazing afterwards. Who doesn’t feel good about themselves when they help others? Despite my cold and how tired I am feeling, it was a good way to spend the day.


Speaking of all this positive thinking I have been doing lately, I heard a really good quote when listening to a Jillian Michaels podcast on the subway (I am obsessed with her, I admit it). She was talking about how we tear ourselves down all the damn time by saying things like ‘I am not skinny enough, I can’t afford to buy my own home, I am not as good as this person at my job.’ It is similar to what I was saying the other day about how we always look at what we can’t do or don’t have, and so listening to this today it really clicked with me. Her quote was this “we are not valued on what we cannot do.” It hit home, as a person I am not someone who has an unsecure future and imperfect body, who has been trying to become a runner but struggles with 5k. I am not a girl with a giant student loan, a ‘useless degree’ and very far away from ever being able to own my own home.

No, I am more then that.


I am someone who studied hard and got a damn University degree, which allowed her to get a great job and travel the world. I am a person who is good to her friends, has control of her diet and has lost a lot of weight and become healthy. I am funny and smart and a good friend to have.

There has been a lot of serious talk like this from me lately, I apologize if you find it cheese – but for me I am working through something to become happier with myself and my life. I need to do this, blogging is a way to sort through these feelings and perhaps even find someone else who has them too. So before you laugh at what I just wrote about myself, I urge you to think about it. How would you value your worth, what amazing things have you accomplished and what makes you a fantastic person. We are not what we can’t do, we are what we have done 😀


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