Looking at the Good

It’s Thursday! That means the weekend is almost here… almost.
I am really sniffly at the moment, I think I have been all damn week. It may be the change in season, or it may be the terrible food I have been eating (and by terrible I mean delicious). Seriously I didn’t get my run Monday morning and I think that threw me out of my healthy cycle because that evening I ate ice-cream, then Tuesday I had a giant cheese pizza and ricotta salad… and last night I went crazy with cheese and ate oh so much. I woke up feeling gross but determined to eat better today! So much for the almost vegan diet I tell people I eat. Slip ups happen though, and I am moving on and using it to motivate myself for the rest of the week.

That kind of relates to what I have been thinking about lately, how I should stop focusing so much on the negatives and what I don’t have (nice segway attempt). All my concerns for work and a career have been good at getting my proactive and making me look at what I need to do to achieve my goals and make my future awesome. Despite my taking charge I am still in wee cycle of thinking ‘I need this, I don’t have this, I can’t get a job without this!’ It sucks and today my goal is to look at what I do have and find confidence within myself. Cheesy yes, but confidence in oneself is so important when job seeking and trying to accomplish your goals.

So with teaching, I don’t have a CELTA which I will need at some point. But I do have a TEFL certificate, and I do have a post-graduate degree – point 1 for me.

I have nearly three years teaching experience with a huge range of ages and classroom sizes – another point!

My references from past jobs are really fantastic and in written form so I can actually use them in NZ – that’s 3

I have found a way to make more money on the side and also get experience at the same time. Confident me – 4. Worrying me – 0

I get told that I am a good teacher, and I believe that I am. I do well at my job and therefore can get another one when I leave, I am not bad at what I do – 5 😀
I take care of myself. i exercise and mostly eat well. This is hard and I should take a moment to reflect on how amazing I am for finally having control of this part of my life. 6
I make really good vegan banana bread. Irrelevant but it will blow your socks off and impresses many people. 7!

Whatever your list may be I recommending thinking like this next time you are freaking out or thinking about what you don’t have. I could make an endless list of things that I don’t have or think I need, but that wont get me anywhere. While it is so important to take control of your future, it is equally vital to be thankful for the present. Confidence is something most of us don’t have, so gives yourself some snaps and get some!



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