Pretty, pretty

Good morning, how is your weekend going?

I have been having serious issues with the sleeping thing. Not sure why but for the past few nights I have been up until 4am just lying in bed. It sucks and needs to be fixed. I do all those things like no caffeine and no laptops before bed but it doesn’t seem to be working at all, let’s hope it is just a weird phase I am going through.

To compensate for feeling run down I decided to have a pretty day yesterday. And by that I mean I bought Korean face masks and new nail polish and pampered myself while watching Homeland (Season 3, wow!!)

Korea is serious about it’s beauty products, I have mentioned before how they get carried away with the nighttime cleansing routine, but in addition to this you can buy a ton of masks for lips, feet and faces. I started out with a face mask, these are always cheap and while I doubt if they do much they do give you the feeling that you helped your skin – plus you get to feel like Hannibal while wearing it.

Face masks are basic, open pack and put it on for around 20 minutes. When you’re done simply chuck the mask and rub the cream or whatever it is on your face into your skin. They do always make my skin feel lovely and smooth.

Next I tried a foot mask. These are hilarious.

I have tried one of these before and while they cost a little more then the face masks, the feet masks are amazing. It sounds really nasty but they do get all the dead skin off your feet and leave the entire foot with baby smooth skin – and again you look crazy wearing it.

A few things to note are that this one takes 90 minutes so you really do need to be settled in for the evening. Before using it remove any toe nail polish while doing it and clean your feet. I did not do this last time and while the colour came off fine, it did stain my toe nails a little. Also it does not work for a couple of days so don’t be alarmed if you haven’t seen a difference, in a few days time your feel will be gross and flaky then beautiful.

Finally I wanted to make my nails look pretty because people have been staring at my hand and I had haggard fingers haha. I do have a giant mosquito bite on my ring finger which puts a damper on it, but at least the nails look good!

I love Franch Manicures, I do not care if people say they are dated. They are simple and easy to do at home as I put tape over my nails, paint and then remove. I have never been able to do the perfect little line freehand, it is a special skill that only magic people can do.</p
Here is hoping the sleep thing comes back to me, but I am feeling pretty relaxed and good now. Sometimes we need to take that time and just indulge being girly and chilling out. Treat yo self!


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