Random Eats

Today is a public holiday in Korea, celebrate! I am not too sure what it is for, but I have taken advantage of the day by sleeping then doing some odd jobs to make the weekend easier. I may go for a run later, but that may also not happen…

Lately I have been trying to get out of an eating rut. I think we are people of habit and with work and exercise it is so easy to just have the same couple of meals that we rotate between. I am trying to be more adventurous and make a new meal every week, otherwise I am going to get really bored with dinner and look to snack food to interest me instead.

So random eats of late…


Stir fry with seaweed. I’m not sure why but I have been on a HUGE seaweed kick lately, I cannot get enough of it. A lot of my meals have been pared with crunchy seaweed.


I made paella! After going to a Spanish restaurant last week I decided to give it a go and it ended up being really easy. Plus it was super delicious, I followed a basic recipe that I found online. Usually I am too afraid to cook things like this because if it messes up I take a confidence knock. But this was perfect and this afternoon the Mr even requested I make it again (that never happens).


Random bowl of leftovers with sweet potato, lentils, paella and almonds. Yummy.


Salad beast!! Lunch today was awesome, I got a ready made salad very cheap at the supermarket and added some sweet potato, feta and pumpkin seeds. I haven’t eaten any dairy for a couple of weeks and the feta was 70% off, I couldn’t resist! Not eating something for so long made it much tastier and I savored every bite.

Work lunch of mushrooms and rice, I think there was pork cutlet with it too.

Glass noodles, potato and rice – carb overload! I only had small portions of everything but didn’t really enjoy this work lunch.

On the menu tonight, burritos 😀 I can’t wait, my love for food is a big one.




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