Healthy Pumpkin Dessert

Heya, how’s your week going?

I am super exhausted, still have not caught up on sleep from the weekend and last night I was awake until around 3 or 4 am. I have no clue why? There was not a lot of caffeine consumed during the day and I ate banana with almonds as my bedtime snack to try and aid the sleep thing. Sigh! Sometimes I just cannot sleep for whatever reason, any ideas would be appreciated 🙂

sadly none of these little guys have passed my lips today

sadly none of these little guys have passed my lips today

So today has been a small struggle but fingers crossed I doze off tonight. Right now I am about to relax with the new episode of Downton Abbey (seriously how amazing is Maggie Smith) and munch on dessert.

Which brings me to this…


I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I know many say that but I really cannot go a day without some sort of sugary treat. I also find it impossible to not snack after dinner. I have attempted all the tricks but I just like to have that little extra something before bed and I have learned to accept that. Of course I never want anything heavy, and it has to be healthy so things like squares of chocolate or a cookie are out of the question. Right now I have been eating pumpkin as my dessert, this is loaded with vitamin A, low in calories and carbs, plus has a lovely natural sweetness that satisfies my cravings.

Pumpkin Night-Time Treat

– 1 cup of pumpkin chopped and de-seeded

– 2 TB of brown sugar

– 1 TB butter

– 1 tsp cinnamon


There aren’t really any. Simply bake the pumpkin until it is just about done (it is hard to pick a time as all ovens vary), about 10 minutes before it is ready remove from the oven and rub in the sugar, butter and sprinkle over the cinnamon. Then place back in to bake and go all yummy and gooey.


I don’t bother to remove the skin, just don’t eat it. Unless of course you are into it.

I am starting to feel sleepy so will sign off for now. Tomorrow we have an annoyingly compulsory work dinner which will involve me sitting there silently starving while my Korean co-workers devourer meat they have cooked right at the table. I really don’t look forward to these as I am always left hungry and grossed out by the smell of the grill and the steam and oil which goes everywhere, guess it comes with eating like I do in Asia!

Have a good one 🙂


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