End of The Week

heya, it’s Friday! how will you be celebrating?

Unfortunately my laptop reached the end of its life the other day so my Friday is a bit of a bummer. I knew that it wasn’t doing too well but now it just wont turn 😦 It was already so old and slow that I don’t see the point in getting it fixed and will have to buy a new one tomorrow. Spending money – boo! But at least I will get a new shiny toy out of it.

Anyway one thing that made my Friday a little better was seeing this…



Those jellybeans have a special place in my heart but since being a vegetarian I have had to give them up. So being able to replace them with a drink is terribly exciting (lame i know)

We had a field trip today which was so boring. Taking 50 kindergarteners to the museum is just such an event! They run around, want to touch everything and get bored very easily! But when we sat down for lunch one of the little boys pulled out a wee lunch his mother had made for each of the teachers. so sweet!!


It had a brownie, macaroon, fruit cup, muffin and chocolates inside! Topped off with a cute little note. This kids mum brings in things like doughnuts and cookies for us all very often which is so nice of her and very appreciated. Having no family here I like having a women do mum-type things for me. Check out how she cute up and prepared the fruit.


Gosh i need a manicure!

These mums are really invested in their kids lunches. They make kimbap and put little smiley faces on them, today I spotted one girl whose mum had turned hers into totoro.



Spam has never looked so pretty.

Coming home from work I was tired but made myself go for the traditional Friday run. I wasn’t feeling it but told myself to just do 2k and ended up getting into a groove. I just un-winded out there, got into the music and ran, ran, ran! In the end I put in 6k!! So happy with myself but I am sure I will feel it in the morning :S It’s funny as I took a rest day last night, something I always have to force myself to do, and ran like a machine today. Each time i have a rest day I end up killing it the following day. It really proves to me just how important rest is as part of training.

Tonight I am just relaxing in bed, sleep is much needed! Tomorrow night I have a wee girls night planned to celebrate the engagement, with my best friends back home I have felt the loss of screaming with girls and jumping up and down like idiots. Tomorrow we shall have cocktails and do just that 😀 I cannot wait.

Have a lovely weekend.


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