Random Photos

 Ahhhh the summer heat seems to be back today! I thought it was autumn but looks like the weather was just teasing me. Today it is hot, hot, hot and I am trying to convince myself to go for a run.

Today has been one of those random days where I haven’t really done anything but managed to read a little bit, waste oh so much time on the internet and study some Korean. Plus I haven’t really had a meal today but just keep snacking on bits and pieces. I blame the heat, it takes all the structure out of the day.

To go with the theme of randomness I found a bunch of random photos on my ipod that I decided to share with you.


We walked past this huge advertisement in the subway in Daejeon the other day. It is an add for joint health – god knows how Korea managed to fit Maori people into that. Their cultural misappropriation is just shocking. I would love to show this to my Maori art history lecturer, her reaction would be priceless.


I ordered this, it was advertised as kimchi tomato oven bakes gratin. Instead it was kimchi fried rice (spicy, not tomatoey at all) with olives, pickles and parmesan cheese. Seriously Korea why!


Couple hairspray. I want to meet the man who happily purchases Ken styling spray.


Chuseok means giant gift boxes of what are essentially cheap, mundane things. This is instant coffee, like the cheap nasty kind you find in staff rooms around the country. A personal favorite of mine is the spam gift set which looks a lot like this but with six cans of spam and a big bottle of cooking oil. Korea knows how to give gifts!


Boredom today led to me decorating the eggs in the fridge. I have problems.


I am just so excited for persimmon season that I bought this bag the other day despite them being rock hard. I am going to be waiting a long time.

So that’s my random Friday, how is yours going?



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