Chuseok fun




If you are in Korea right now then you know that it is Chuseok!

basically this is the mother of all Korean holidays. Think thanksgiving meets Christmas but it lasts for 3 days. The holiday begun as a way of celebrating the harvest years ago, and consisted of farmers eating their lovely new crops. Now Koreans spend the day with their families and, from what I gather, they eat their Grandparents delicious cooking. Eating seems to be a big thing on holidays, no matter where you live.



It is common to see kids wearing traditional Korean clothes called ‘hanbok’ around this time. Koreans still use these at times for weddings and some ceremonies, they are like kimonos but much much more comfortable. Of course we had a huge hanbok day at work where we all had to dress up – but how adorable are the kids!







The hair is next level, so much intricate detail and time goes into it. A lot of the girls had plaits and then these cute little headbands and clips on top.






plus we made traditional rice cakes …






Small children are so nice to work with on days like this. They love making things and are just so proud to know that they did this and will get to eat it later (even though some of them looked a bit worse for wear haha). We were told if you are good at making these then it means you will have beautiful daughters in the future.


how damn cute is this boy! He looks like an elf.

So that was my day, a long one but pretty fun to do something Korean. Plus the holiday falls on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday this year so 5 day weekend. yay!!!!!!

happy Tuesday 😀



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