Finding Soy Milk in Korean Cafes

I woke up today with a tiny headache, most likely the result of a one too many of these babies


Oh tequila I do love you, but perhaps I loved you too much last night :S

Anyway I was planning on sleeping in and then remembered I had a meeting at midday, darnit! This rush meant that I missed out on my morning coffee and would have to get one downtown at the cafe we were meeting up. One thing about being a vegetarian/kind of vegan in Korea is that going out for coffee does not mean you will have a soy milk option. I have issues with cow milk, it just doesn’t sit right in my stomach – particularly when my stomach is already angry with me over my tequila drinking. While Starbucks and some independent coffee places offer soy milk, most of the time you are not going to find it. Instead you are kind of restricted to ordering an Americano and bringing along your own little milk in your handbag like a dork (I may do this more then I like to admit).
So imagine my joy when I went into Hands Coffee today and saw on the menu ‘soy cream latte.’ A coffee with soy milk!! and soy cream on top!! Hands Coffee where have you been the past 6 months.
It was beautiful.
I don’t usually go for cream on a coffee but because it was soy I just had to have it. But Korea is awesome and unlike Western coffee shops they didn’t dump a bucket of cream on top, just a little and garnished with ground almonds.
Hands Coffee is a big chain in Daegu, I haven’t seen it outside of the city but I am sure it is throughout Korea. They are a little cheaper than Starbucks and if you are vegan or not down with cow milk, it is just nice to know you have another option. Yay for Korea as it slowly begins to provide us difficult peeps with another place to drink our coffee 😀