Random – and a cookie recipe :D

Heya, happy Saturday!

I woke up to thunder and lightening storms today, some would say this is a bad start to the weekend but I love it. I am really looking forward to cold snuggly weather where you can lie in bed and listen to the rain. Plus it makes it much more acceptable to stay home and watch movies all day

Random thought of the day – Korea is reverting me to my childhood.I am constantly wearing socks that have happy bears and pandas on them, and have been known put a bow in my hair if the mood strikes me. The other day I wore hot pink pants and nobody batted and eyelid. Then last night I bought a headband, something I haven’t worn since I was about 4 haha. Excuse the red face in this picture, but you get the idea – only in Korea can a 24 year old women dress like a 6 year old.
I did made it back to zumba on Thursday after a 2 week hiatus which was awesome (and sweaty). Plus Thursday was the best day at work in my opinion….

Tofu day!

The chef we have makes lovely tofu, perfect firm slices that are lightly flavored with this sesame and soy sauce she makes herself. Anyway it takes awhile to press and marinate the tofu so we only get it once a month, when it does appear the heavens open and I am gloriously happy for the rest of the day. The best part is that no one else really eats as much as me so there are always leftovers the next day.

I have been on a veggie kick after being unwell so this morning I snuck some spinach into my chia pudding – couldn’t even taste it 🙂 Then for lunch I cooked up some roast vegetables with a little ginger, hummus and sweet chilli sauce.
I devoured it within minutes.

I have also been going crazy on the fruit in our area. The fruit stands get everything delivered first thing in the morning from the farm which means I know I am getting lovely fresh produce.
Last night I bought this giant bag of nectarines and plums, let’s see how long this lasts.
Since it’s autumn I have been all about the pumpkin, I don’t care if it may be a little early. I wanted to make some cookies but we had no flour so instead I whipped up these gluten-free, vegan pumpkin cookies which turned out to be sooooo yummy. Seriously go and back them now…


– 1/2 cup of sunbutter

– 1/4 cup canned pumpkin

– 1/8th cup agave

– 1 tsp of cinnamon

– pinch of salt


– Mix it all together in a bowl and form cookie shapes. bake in oven for about 10 minutes or until brown. These will be a little soft so wait for them to firm after removing them from the oven.

So easy! I actually used part of the mixture as a dip for fruit and used the rest to make cookies. This is a great idea if you want to spice up a dull apple or need help eating fruit. 

Anyway I am going to try and have a little nap, and try not to eat all the cookies 😀 Not that they are all that bad for me….