Things I’m Loving Lately

I feel like this blog has been a little negative lately with my whiny sick self and small freakout. So today I am trying to focus on things that I love right now, that make me happy and brighten my day just a little bit. I recommend doing this if you feel blue.


1) In the past few weeks I have really just wanted yoga in my life. I am finding it so relaxing for my body and peace of mind. This website is just awesome and has a ton of different yoga workouts. They vary in length so regardless of if I have ten minutes of an hour there is something I can do. Plus there are so many to choice from! I really do chose my yoga depending on my mood that day. Sometimes I want yoga with weights or a hip opening class; other days it is just gentle relaxation. Either way this website has me covered and I am happy to have stumbled across it.


2) I have been reading ‘Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me‘ by Mindy Kaling this week and am totally loving it. I don’t usually go for autobiographies but after a really intense book the other month I wanted something light. This is very funny, easy to read and kind of like talking to a friend.


3) After hearing about these babies on countless healthy eating blogs I finally got my hands on Larabars (Thanks iHerb)! It was pathetic how excited I was. I bought a box that has three flavors because picking just one seemed to hard and unfair. Anyway the cashew cookie flavor is definitely the best in my wee opinion, although apple pie holds up nicely. It is proving to be difficult  not eat them all but to slowly ration out my small supply.

4) Three weeks ago I had never tried Dutch Coffee, now I constantly want it in my life. It is so yummy and much easier to make as all you add it water and a little milk (and a little Kahluah if it’s that kind of night). I especially love that I can make tasty iced coffee within seconds in my own home win!


5) Podcasts –  in particular Ted Talks and Selected Shorts which are a variety of short stories read aloud on stage in front of an audience. I really like changing it up from my usual music to a podcast while I am cooking or cleaning at home.


6) Really girly but I bought these nail colors the other day and am loving the combo. Underneath is baby blue and on top is pink shatter polish. It sounds lame but pretty nails make my feel pretty – I am sure there are others out there who share this.

7) And finally – the weather! It is not too hot and not too cold, absolutely perfect for autumn walks and picnics. Right now you can still do outdoors things like hiking and running, then come home to cold weather eats like pumpkin muffins and soup and bread. I fear when winter will come and leave me a cold, sad person; but for now I am enjoying each day 😀

Have a great week!


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