5 (Vegan) Foods I Could Not Live Without

Seeing as I have the flu and have been doing nothing but lie in bed and eat cup of soup I decided to take a leaf out of the vegan mo-fo bloggers pages today. In case you haven’t heard of it, vegan mo-fo happens every September and challenges vegan bloggers to blog everyday (or just as much as they can). It is a lovely way to encourage other vegans and show people what a strong community they are, while always sharing yummy recipe idea!

One popular post lately is the top 5 vegan foods you can’t live without. Now I am not strictly vegan and do not label myself as one because I really do admire people who can give up all animal products in order to make a change in the world. I am a 98% vegan who eats the occasional cheese and will at times have a non-vegan meal when I go out because it is the only option. I do try to eat mostly animal-free though and it is always my first choice. This may annoy some vegans but at the end of the day labels are labels. I have done my research into where my food comes from and this is a lifestyle that works for me. I get all the nutrients I need while supporting a plant-based diet and the occasional indulgence is not the end of the world. So with that said here are the top 5 foods I could not live without!
1) Fresh fruit. Strawberries are my favorite food on this earth but all types of fruit sit well with me. I love bananas in a chia pudding, fresh watermelon in the summer and during winter I am all about the persimmons. I eat fruit several times a day and love all types (expect tamarillos which taste like moldy socks).
2) Chia seeds – no surprises there right! I only started eating these babies this year and now I have no idea how I existed so long without them. They make the most amazing addition to smoothies and have fantastic benefits. I usually find smoothies are not a good breakfast for me as I just drink it quick and feel like I missed out on something. Chia seeds make it seem like I am actually getting a meal out of it.
3) Nut butters. Specifically sun butter which is the mother of them all, but any will do in a pinch. I think I eat some type of nut butter every day, almond, cashew, peanut or sun. Such a good snack and a healthy way to curb a craving for something indulgent.
4) Sweet potatoes are hands down my favorite vegetable of all. I could eat them every day (and have gone long stretched of doing so). I love them roasted and tossed in a salad or just by themselves. Parred with some melted nut butter is a totally amazing way of eating them which I have just discovered.
5) Chickpeas. This little gem and I go way back to when I was 11, just went vegetarian and ate hardly any protein other then through a huge hummus addiction. I still eat hummus like I just invented it and also enjoy chickpeas roasted in brown sugar and cinnamon (ohh now you know you want to try that) or thrown into a salad, stew or curry. A perfect protein packed addition to any meal.
Of course I love food in general and could make a list much much longer than this (marmite and tofu you just made the cut), but these are the foods you will always find in my pantry. They are always the ones I go out of my way to find in Korea by ordering online and paying more then I should! So that’s my top 5, how about yours?


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