Sickie Sick

So last night I casually mentioned to my mum in an email that I had gone a year without being sick, despite teaching little kids who pick their noses and don’t wash their hands – famous last words! Good thing I did skip zumba because yesterday I felt TERRIBLE! 

I wanted to get up and run but decided to sleep instead and woke up a little later to yet another chia pudding. Before work I grabbed a lot of tea to take with me and a little panadol as I was still feeling a bit run down.

I am not sure what happened but the flu hit me like a ton of bricks halfway through the day. So frustrated as I eat really well and have found that since eating mostly vegan my health has been really good. Whenever I get sick I hate how people automatically assume it is because I am a vegetarian, when in reality I know that I get far more nutrients and goodness in my body then the average person.

Anyway my day consisted of a lot of this…


cherry tea, amazing

cherry tea, amazing

A S’more making class for a science lesson on chemical reactions (I am useless at science, this is my way of keeping it interesting for myself).

And finally my folding and asking a Korean to help me by writing down the name of a good medicine to show the chemist. I should add that the Korean healthcare system is amazing and you can get pretty much anything over the counter at a tiny cost. They really do have the mindset that you can’t be sick and miss work, so have to get better as quick as possible.

My co-teacher was super lovely and wrote down all of my symptoms to show the chemist, I felt a little dorky handing over the note but it was so good to know I was getting the right thing. Medicine in hand I came home to crawl into bed with standard sick food.

Marmite and cheese on toast. You can’t tell, but under that marmite is a heaping of crushed garlic, my breath stinks but I don’t want to be kissed right now so that’s okay.

Okay so I sound like a total hypocrite, but I do think that I have been eating more cheese and yoghurt lately and that it contributed to my getting sick.

you can find Greek yoghurt in Korea now, this is pretty new and exciting.

you can find Greek yoghurt in Korea now, this is pretty new and exciting.

Usually I tell people that my diet is full of plant proteins, iron and vitamins which has really made me a much healthier person. Before switching to mostly vegan I used to get sick pretty often, just things like the light sniffles, but now it never happens. Seriously I have not been unwell since last October and that amazes me. Maybe it was the extra dairy I had last week, or time for my immune system to pack it in, but I am going to try eat less cheese this week and focus on fresh veggies and goodness. The hypocrite part was my dinner, when I am sick I just want comfort food and this was it! 

So today I am still feeling really terrible, so achy and feverish. But sick days do not exist in Korea so I will be braving it at work.Lets hope I get through the day…


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