Weekday Eats

Heya, as I write this I should be at zumba! But I up feeling so run down and not at all myself and decided to stay home tonight. I don’t think an hour of cardio would have done me any favors, but that sucks as I hate missing a workout! I am trying to remind myself that I would just make myself worse and possibly get too sick for work and end up missing much more exercise.

Anyway last night I did manage to get in a great run after work. The weather is finally cool, not too hot and not too cold so running is pretty magical at the moment. I managed 4k and came home pretty hungry.

For dinner I chopped up some weird pumpkin/zucchini and fried it with a little tofu.

It tasted much better this way.

I served it alongside a little bit of the ratatouille.
And with another big salad and half a rye bread roll.
I am trying to get more raw veggies in my life, this salad had cabbage, corn, lettuce and sesame leaves – yum!
It seems like a lot of food but I hadn’t eaten much during the day and needed some carbs and protein in my life.
Today I had another chia pudding and topped it with fresh nectarine instead of nuts. Pretty good.
After work I was pretty thankful for the meal prep I did on Sunday. I cooked up some pasta for the Mr, and a bit of tofu for myself. Then I mixed in the leftover ratatouille and roasted potatoes.
Topped with mozerella, AH-MAZING!
I don’t know if other couples do this, but often when I cook a meal I will modify it a little to suit the man in my life. He eats much more then me, and isn’t as restrictive with carbs and dairy – not that there is anything wrong with these foods! I am going off how much exercise I do and how much I have eaten during the day, usually I had a carb heavy lunch so don’t want too many with dinner. Anyway while some people think it must be a huge effort, I don’t find this too difficult and it keeps us both very happy and full.
With that said, do you ever modify foods? Or would it be a deal breaker in a relationship. I am always curious to know.
I am off to grid up all the coffee I bought the other day so it’s ready for the morning, seems silly but it takes awhile (and makes the apartment smell delicious).
Have a great night!


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