Sleeping In and the Crazy Pumpkin

And just like that it is Monday again. I managed to have a relaxing weekend, after the meal prep that is. Yesterday I skyped some friends, made my meals and then relaxed with a book. I took a rest day from exercise but did sneak in a little yoga just because I love it.

Eats included a salad with a rye roll and marmite, with nectarine and canned pumpkin on the side.

Yup the first of September and I am getting my pumpkin on šŸ˜€

Speaking of, I saw this weird vegetable at the supermarket and just had to try it. It claims to be a pumpkin according to the Korean label, but when I cut it up…

This is NOT a pumpkin Korea!!

They seem to do this with a type of zucchini you can buy in Korea which is called a ‘green pumpkin.’ It is kind of a cross between the two, but much much more zucchini then pumpkin. I roasted it up, but wasn’t really a fan. It tasted like a mushy, water mess.

Dinner was still marvelous though!

A big raw salad with cos, sesame leaves, corn, red cabbage, tofu and sun butter – amazing!

After dinner I just really wanted some chocolate and munched on a raw revolution chocolate, coconut bar. Now even though this is a very healthy choice I still felt guilty about it afterwards. I had snacked a lot while doing my meal prep so wasn’t hungry, I just wanted it. I had to remind myself that a raw vegan bar is NOT a binge! I shouldn’t feel guilty for curbing a craving with a healthy choice, compared to my eating habits a couple of years ago I have made huge improvements. After reflecting on how I have changed the bar didn’t seem like a bad choice anymore but like a reflection on just how much better I have gotten at eating whole foods and cutting out processed stuff. nothing wrong with a little treat when it is all natural like this šŸ˜€

Unfortunately mu neighbors started using a power drill and hammers at midnight (not exaggerating, they were renovation and it was so rude), so I got little sleep. It meant I had to cancel my run today in favor or a little more shut eye, which turned into a lot when I forgot to reset my alarm.

I hate sleeping in!! I feel rushed for the rest of the day and as I didn’t have time to wash my hair I feel a little gross. Hopefully I can squeeze in the run after work , I hate skipping a workout but sometimes sleep is more important.Ā 

Anyway lets hope that this doesn’t set the scene for the rest of the week. I am trying to set myself mini-goals, this weeks is less coffee and getting to sleep before midnight! What goals do you have?


Tips and Tricks for Meal Planning

Phew I am one tired girl!

I spent most of the afternoon doing meal prep for the week, something that is a bit annoying at the time but oh so worth it when I come home from work on weekdays. Rather then cook up every little thing I have made it a little easier for myself and spend Sundays doing the jobs that take the most time. For example I roast all my veggies as that way I don’t have to turn on the oven much during the week and dinner comes together way faster.

On today’s menu…


my easy italian roast potatoesĀ 

Curried Lentils.
They look awful I do know, but this is a really yummy dish. It was very easy to put together.

You need…

– 1/2 cup of dry lentils

– 2 cups of water

-1/2 chopped onion

– 1 /12 tsp of curry powder

– salt

Simply put everything together in a pot on the stove and simmer until done. my kind of recipe!Ā 

And some peanut butter cookies just to pull everything together. Yum!

I find this way of cooking works well for me as healthy meals are already put together so it keeps my eating in check during the week. It is also a major time saver as I get home from work around 6pm and do not want to have to think about cooking! Now this doesn’t look like much food but it follows a simple meal plan.

Monday –Ā ratatouille with a side of tofu and potatoes.Ā 

Tuesday – out

Wednesday – pasta with the leftoverĀ ratatouille.

Thursday – tofu scramble with the rest of the potatoes.

Friday – lentils with a side of veggies and tortilla.

As you can see a few dishes go a really long way. If you are new to meal planning I recommend sitting down and thinking out a few basic things you can cook which you can par with some sort of side dish – roast veggies are an easy one!

I like to come up with a couple of vegetable dishes that I know can be served alongside some sort of protein like eggs, tofu or beans. Then I think about how I can use this a little differently, for example mixing theĀ ratatouille in with pasta, or even having in on a tortilla to make a little pizza. This way you can spread one dish worth of cooking over a couple of days without repeating the exact same meal.

I also think about what dishes will use the same vegetables and what needs to be eaten first. This week was easy as theĀ ratatouille ingredients plus a few potatoes were all I really needed to buy. However some weeks I will make up a big salad with a protein such as chickpeas and fresh vegetables like carrots and cucumbers. I know this will need to be eaten early in the week, and I will usually use the fresh veggies in a burger mix that I can freeze for a later day.Ā 

Meal planning is so easy when you actually give it a go, and the benefits are totally worth it. Remember eating well and saving time are all things that make for a happier and healthier you, so why not give it a go.