Saturday Things

Oh weekend you go too fast for me!

After a very late Friday night which may have involved one or two cocktails, I found it pretty hard to get up Saturday morning. Note to self – stop staying up so late on Fridays!! It messes me up for the weekend (as I try not to sleep in too late) and I don’t feel very rested come Sunday evenings. Anyway I had a coffee, did boring housework and snuck in a Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack workout before heading downtown.

I am trying to do more things on the weekend rather then stay inside all the time, that way I feel like it was an actual break and going back to work isn’t as bad.

I had to show the Mr the super cute coffee shop downtown with the magical brown rice kimbap so we went there.
It was heaven! I had the kimbap again but they made us actual coffee, like from a real espresso machine (very rare in Korea). It was also fair trade coffee which made me happy.

We walked around for a bit and then stumble across a little coffee place that had all sorts of fancy tubes and experiments going on inside. It looked intense, on closer inspection it was making dutch coffee by steaming beans and filtering them or something. I love coffee so bought a bottle to try.

You mix it with water which is awesome as I could make myself a big as iced-coffee. This stuff is no joke though! I was pinging after a glass.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading and skyping, while snacking on lovely nectarines and carrot sticks with a healthy side of sun butter. Seriously I cannot stop eating sun butter, I have problems. IMG_0717
Then I made dinner…

Healthy nachos!

I just cook up some veggies and beans, but serve them over baked potato wedges. This is much more nutritious then using corn chips and is a nice wee way of sneaking in veggie. Not that my serving was not this big, this is a man serving.


After dinner we headed downtown to go and see ‘Now you See Me’ it was really good! I am usually terrible with movies that have plot twists as I get confused and at times a little bored. But this had a kick-ass cast and had me hooked the entire time. And it has James Franco’s little brother in it who is equally as sexy to look at.

Today is a beautiful day so I plan on finding a nice coffee shop or park to read my book in, before coming home to go cooking crazy in meal prep for the week.
Have a relaxing Sunday!