Savory Oats Love


Hope your having a fab week! Mine is slowly getting better, but I am counting down to the weekend. Yesterday I decided I should eat something different for breakkie so that I don’t thrash the pudding and turn myself off it. I had some cereal and topped it off with a mountain of nectarines.

Delicious! Work was eh but we decided to celebrate hump day by going out to dinner. After a huge conversation (you know how serious such decisions can be) we walked past a brand new Indian restaurant that opened in out area. Of course I had to try it! Indian food is one of my favorites, and the weather is finally a little cooler so I can eat it without sweating like a mo fo.
This is the third Indian place down one particular street so competition is fierce.

IMG_0707The place was so cute inside and the guy who ran it was very friendly. I always find it a little awkward when the owners try really hard to make you welcome. I know that he just opened up and wants to make a good impression but it made me feel self-conscious about eating.

Anyway I ordered the samosas, a naan and a vegetable curry (no rice,I get enough of that in my diet). As the place was new the owner gave us a sample of 5 different curries to try – so sweet of him. Unfortunately three of them had meat but the other two were delicious!
I had a full belly after this and came home to rest. Today was another cereal morning but I did try something new to snack on.
I have been lacking in the vegetable department lately so bought this juice the other day. Too be honest it took awhile to get around to trying it as the picture of broccoli was worrying me. Turns out it has some fruit in it too which means I can’t even tell there is a green vegetable friend lurking in there. I had this today instead of my usual afternoon coffee and I felt like it gave me a really good boost of energy.
After rocking my booty off at zumba I was starving and decided to make something different for dinner…
Savory oats!!

Now many people think there are weird, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. I cooked up some onion, cabbage and carrot then mixed it in to a bow of oats with 1/4 tsp tumeric and 2TB of nutritional yeast. Served with a little grated cheese and ketchup – comfort food!!
I grabbed this drink at the store the other day and, while I don’t usually like sparkling water, it was really good. Not too bad for a couple of nights worth of eats 😀
I am looking forward to this weekend! No big plans but sleeping and perhaps trying my hand at salsa classes :S Lets see how that goes…


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