Oh Miley

So unsurprisingly I have a few words to say about this…


But before that let’s get the day over with. Last night I was really cravings eggs, strange as I eat vegan 99% of the time and can go months without eggs. Every now and then I just feel like them and will go crazy for a few weeks, then they disgust me again. It’s a weird cycle. So dinner consisted of a poached egg on toast with the roast potatoes (yum!) and a salad, not too shabby.

ImageThis morning I managed to get up for a run, despite the voice in bed next to me telling me to just sleep in today haha – talk about unmotivating! I ran, came home to eat and then headed to work unaware of the street that awaited me. I wont go into detail but at the end of every three months we get new books for classes and have to give tests and write report cards. It is a lot to organise and there always seem to be communication issues. Today’s lunch wasn’t that great either.


The usual rice and a side of these little mushrooms which are super delicious. There was also some sort of fish pancake and a soup that I couldn’t eat. I added a side salad which had black beans in to keep me going, as well as some crunchy seaweed snack (hey I am in Asia after all).


Dinner was a quick and easy tofu scramble, simply fry all the veggies and tofu together then add 1/2tsp tumeric, 1tsp of cumin and 2TB of nutritional yeast – amazing!


After dinner I felt a bit tense from running and from the day in general so I did this 20 minute flow on Lululemon. They have two free yoga classes you can follow online, both of which are really amazing. The Unravel the Tension one was sooooo relaxing, I oozed into bed and am feeling so rested despite the crazy Monday.


So if you haven’t seen the video of Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke performing at the MTV’s then I suggest you give it a look. I know it is getting a lot of attention and critique – and to be honest that is probably the point. She wants us to know that she is all grown up and no longer the little Disney star we once loved.

Now there is nothing at all with a women wanting to be sexy and powerful, she should be able to show the world her confidence without being labeled a ‘slut’. I agree that there are too many double standards in society where Robin Thicke can perform this and get hardly any sting for it (despite him being a hell of a lot older then Miley), and men are constantly boasting about their sexual  conquests through music. My problem with it is this –  there is sexy and confident.


And then just plain, well I had to say it, but trashy and insecure.


=I don’t see this as a women who is in charge of herself and knows who she is. I see this performance as a girl who is giving us what she thinks we want. This leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination, she grinds, nibbles and simulations having a penis. It makes me want to scream ‘yeah we get it, your a big girl now!’ before giving her a big hug. Girls, we don’t need to act like this! Leaving a little to the imagination and teasing them with your sexuality shows that you are a confident and strong  goddess to be reckoned with. Leave the world wanting more, and save the real dirty stuff for the bedroom with whoever it is that deserves to see your inner wild side 😉


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