Oh Kahlua my old friend

What makes a weekend even better?


Delicious cocktails!

Oh Kahlua how I love you.


I apologise if this seems dramatic, but I have been drinking beer the past few weekends and decided to splurge on a bottle of this the other day. So worth it as last night after coming home from The Princess Bride (fantastic play, laughed so much) I made a Kahlua and coffee then followed it up with some kahlua on the rocks. Bliss

I woke up to the usual fare.


Still not sick of chia pudding, but I apologise if you are sick of looking at it :S

For lunch I munched on leftover salad from last night.


So much better the day afterwards 😀 I have been lazing around today, I did a 20 minute circuit training workout and then proceeded to lie on my bed and read for a majority of the afternoon. I did however get up to make this yummy side dish for tonight’s dinner.


Easy Italian Roasted Potatoes

All you need to make these are few p

-4 small potatoes

– 2 cloves of crushed garlic

– 2TB oil 

-2TB of this.


Mix the seasoning, oil and garlic in a bowl and chop up the potatoes into cute little cubes. Then add the potatoes to the herbs and mix it all together now.


Place on an oven tray with a bay leaf or two and roast at 180degrees until tender. In my tiny oven this takes 25 minutes.

I can’t wait to eat these later tonight.

Thought of the day – I always look forward to the weekend so much and then feel like I just spend it cleaning and cooking things for the week ahead. Not terribly relaxing! I read an article recently about how we should do small jobs during the week to make the weekends more relaxing, for example clean the bathroom on a Wednesday and the kitchen on a Thursday. Then when the weekend rolls around everything is done. I think this is a good idea in theory but find it really hard to manage my time during the week and actually execute it. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Enjoy your Sunday night 🙂


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