No Longer Melting



At long last I can say that I have my running mojo back 😀 For the past 8 weeks the summer heat has been insane and running has felt impossible. I have kept it up, but become used to struggling through 2ks and wondering how on earth I ever ran longer then that. It has been hard, sweaty and incredibly frustrating, but I stuck with the running and just shifted my main focus to other workouts such as zumba.

Last night I went for my usual Friday night run (do I know how to party or what!) and discovered that fall is finally here! It was such a good run!! I don’t know if it was because the temperature read 27degrees instead of the usual 34; if it was the cereal I had before hand, or if the slight drizzle of rain was making it a refreshing experience. Either way I finally ran 5k for the first time in two months and I felt awesome.  I think we all have those times where a workout seems really hard and we feel like we are slipping backwards rather then getting better and stronger. It is so easy to feel discouraged and give up when this happens but we need to remember that there are a ton of factors that affect our bodies. It may be the weather, how much sleep we got how or we refueled, but regardless we need to realise this and just keep going. I always tell myself, it doesn’t matter how much I do, as long as I am giving the workout my all then I am amazing.


Anyways after the run I was hungry! I munched on roasted kumara, tofu stir fry and salad, all topped with a ton of sweet chili sauce.


Looks nasty but was delicious.

I was up super late as we went out for a beer and then I got distracted on the internet checking out blogs, and managed to sleep in till 11! This hardly happens to me but I guess I needed the rest. After my usual breakfast of chia pudding and coffee I began making tonigh’ts dinner.

I took the recipe from the wonderful ohsheglows but modified it to suit the ingredients I can actually find here.

– 1 cup chopped carrot

– 2 cups of chopped cucumber

– 1/2 cup diced onions

– 1/2 cup rice wine vinegar

– 1TB sugar

– simply mix the vinegar and sugar together (use more sugar if you don’t like vinegar that much), and add the chopped veggies.


In lieu of the chickpeas I used

– 1 large kumara

– 1 large potato

– 1/2 tsp each of chili powder, cumin and ginger

– 1/4 tsp tumeric

– 2 gloves crushed garlic

– 2TB oil

mix the seasonings and oil together in bowl and then add the diced potato and kumara. Roast until tender.


The roasted veggies should be added to the salad mix after they have cooled. I like to make this a few hours before eating so the flavors have time to settle into the food and the salad has a really strong taste. So good!!

After boring housework and some ab work I lunched on this creation.


A salad with cos, sesame leaves, sunflower seeds, carrot stick and cheese 😀 Plus whole wheat bread with marmite and melted cheese. As you can tell I recently hit up the giant supermarket for western goodness.

To drink I tried this acai berry and blueberry smoothie, really good but a bit small!


Hope you enjoy the rest of your Saturday! I plan on going to see the Princess Bride (in play form) before coming home to make some yummy cocktails with the kahluha I bought. Have a good Saturday!


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