My Korean School Lunch

Heya, hope you had a good day. I couldn’t shake that Friday feeling but only one more day 😀

I managed to snap a picture of my lunch today. Now my school lunch is not as bad as others, we have a lovely cook who makes some yummy eats. It is just unfortunate that a majority of them contain meat of some kind. The usual lunch will always have rice, a soup, kimchi, some sort of meat and a vegetable side dish. There are days like curry day (meat), or shrimp fried rice (the WORST for me); and once a month she does tofu day and I bask in the amazingness of the marinated tofu. I should also add that unlike many schools which just service white rice our cook changes between purple rice, mixed grain and rice with beans added – very much appreciated in this white rice loving country.
Anyways here was todays lunch.
rice with barely and a corn salad. Not too bad, corn is really popular in Korea and a corn salad with some cucumber and mayo is a common side dish. There was pork cutlett for the others but I didn’t get in on that.
The soup today didn’t have any meat or fish like it usually does so I was able to eat it.
A miso type soup with tofu, seaweed and mushroom. I always bring something extra to add for lunch because it doesn’t really fill me and I don’t want to stuff myself with rice to fill the void. I usually try to bring something with protein, although today I was lucky to get tofu with my soup. Lately my staple has been cucumber slices with hummus and corn (didn’t know about today’s salad), with a few black beans for good measure.
As you can see I really try not to have to much rice. There is nothing wrong with it, but we eat rice every day with lunch and sometimes for dinner too! My focus is on veggies and protein which keeps me full until 6pm when I finish work.

With that said today I finally forced myself to have a rest day from working out. I realised it had been ten days in a row of exercise and gave my body a little break. I also went out for Mexican food and munched on this yummy burrito, nacho chips and actual guacomole!
It was beautiful 😀


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