Thursday? But I was so sure it was Friday!

uhhh don’t you hate that feeling! Yesterday felt like a Thursday and today feels just like Friday, but it’s not 😦

Maybe it’s because I am super tired. I planned on running this morning but skipped it -sometimes getting enough sleep and rest is way more important then the days workout! Instead I slept in a little and woke up to my two best friends.


who refuse to be the right way up, maybe they are sleepy too

Coffee and breakfast pudding, today’s topped with oats and made with the usual bananas and strawberries.

It is a little bit funny (‘this feeling inside’ anyone?) that I didn’t run today as one of the reason I was up late last night was that I was working on a new playlist. I get sick of music so quick but added a lot of goodies. Lately this is my new workout jam.

yeah it’s kpop but I have no idea what they are saying either. It is just so good and catchy!

Speaking of Korea check out the t-shirt I found the other day. Might have to add it to my weird things I have found in Asia list.


Have a Happy Friday Thursday!





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