You had me at breakfast pudding

It’s hump day,
but that means we are in the home stretch to the weekend. 😀

I am feeling so tired today! I went to zumba last night, didn’t feel like it but the instructor is away next week so I new it would be the last for a little bit. So pleased that I went! There were a ton of people and afterwards we decided to go out for a smoothie, only to get distracted by a brand new cafe that had just opened called ‘Cafe Anna.’

I am so excited because this cafe said on the front ‘fair trade and organic’ words that do not get thrown around in Korea. It was also crazy cute. We went inside (in our sweaty workout clothes, feeling very out of place) and I quickly scanned the menu before seeing  something that made me jump up and down a little…

Brown rice kimbap.

Scoff if you will but brown rice is like finding treasure. Treasure that has been buried for thousands of years and would be hard for even Indian Jones to track down. Kimbap is basically sushi but Koreas version of it, usually that means processed cheese and spam but I had a good feeling about this.

It was glorious! inside was a little bit of egg, crunchy lotus roots, carrot and a sesame leaf which gave the kimbap a nice wee kick. My friends had home made bread and a ricotta salad which was equally delicious.  It was a dinner of king – or hungry whole food deprived foreingners.

I am very much in love with this cafe and as we were some of the first customers, the owner gave us each a loyalty card with half the stamps crossed off 😀 Score! 

I walked home with a friend (another perk of Korea is that this is a totally safe thing to do), and quickly made my breakfast for the morning before I crashed.

We have bananas so I was able to make my precious chia puddings.
In this mix are strawberries, nana, coconut milk, soy milk, cocoa powder and chia seeds. All blended up so that it looks like this….

But you get to wake up to this….

I sprinkled mine with some sunflower seeds and walnuts because I like the crunch and just eating in general.

Today’s thought – when it comes down to it, only you can make yourself exercise and get healthy. There is no secret or magic trick, it is just you and your drive to take care of your body and feel awesome. But you can do it! You can get out of bed that little bit extra for a run, because you are an awesome person 😀 Remember if it was easy then everybody would be doing it.
Have a great day!


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