Stick to that workout plan – without hating every minute of it!


Happy Monday, if you need a bit of a pep talk today check out this video…

Make me smile a lot.


I did NOT feel like running this morning but I have this thing in my head that tells me if I start Monday with a run then it sets the tone for the rest of the week. Plus I have a little more energy in the morning as opposed to Friday. The run was average but I was happy I went, and came home to more bran flakes (I secretly love them) and a ton of watermelon and coffee. Yeah I had to pee a lot before work – excuse the TMI.

Work was so-so, I never take a pic of my lunch because it is so boring and standard. Today was rice, pumpkin seeds and almonds, cucumber and hummus and a green apple. Only one of those things was provided by work haha, guess which one. i did manage to drink a mountain of this iced-tea.


So yummy and easy to make as it mixes with cold water. I have no patience for tea that I have to make and then wait to cool (first world problems).

I came home and did my precious Jillian Michaels DVD (6 week 6 pack, do it), then sat down to an awesome dinner which I inhaled.


Ratatouille, sweet potato wedges with cashew butter for dipping, and a side of lettuce wraps filled with hummus and black beans. It looks like a lot but I needed the eats and this meal is packed with protein and nutrients. 


I have been on this big journey recently to really focus on exercise and learn to love my body and what it can do. What was once a chore to burn calories is now a way I relax and feel proud of myself. I know I got a lot of tips from various blogs but here are a few things that have worked for me and really turned exercise around.


don’t be hating on the burn


1) Don’t look at a workout as something to cross of your to-do list. While it is how you burn calories, seeing your workout as this chore you have to do before you can eat dinner is really going to put you off it. I look at each run or strength training as ‘me’ time when I get to clear my head and enjoy what my body can do. 

2) Change it up. Although going for a run three times a week may make you look crazy good – it is always going to get boring. Find more then exercise that you like and switch between them during the weeks. Whether you run a couple times a week and then zumba or yoga on another,  or even just have a spin class once a month, it makes a big difference when your workout isn’t in the same location every time.


3) The ten minute rule. There are days when you really just don’t want to do it, I always tell myself to just do ten minutes as it is better then nothing. Most of the time this ten minutes does turn into  longer as once I get going I feel motivated. however even if you still aren’t feeling it, ten minutes is better then nothing and you are awesome for keeping it up.


4) treat yo-self! I know of people who put a dollar into a jar every time they work out and eventually have enough money to buy splurge on something they just want. I have really nice cocoa butter which cost a lot and I only let myself use when I am showering after a run. Sometimes I also give myself a mani and pedi afterwards – it feel much more relaxing when I know my body worked hard.


5) New workout clothes may not always be something you need but they are a great motivator. I recently went a little nutty at Reebok and spent more then I should have on a pretty pink outfit, but it makes me happier when I exercise and is so worth it.

6) Read blogs, inspirational quotes and talk to other people. It helps you stay motivated and can give you new ideas on how to approach a certain workout or make it easier. one i am loving right now is The Fitnessista, she has a ton of great workouts and makes me want to focus on eating better and celebrating my body.

7) Group exercise is a really good way to turn a workout into something fun and social. Zumba and other dance classes are great for this, they can just be one big fun hour that you really look forward to. In a similar vein, working out with others means you can go out after class and turn it into just a meet up with friends. I really love my mexican night which happens after zumba on Tuesdays.


that’s more like it, smiling with a sweaty post- Jillian Michaels face and everything.

So these are things that work for me and may or may not help you learn to love that workout. At the end of the day if you are hating the exercise then maybe you should try something new or look at what exactly it is you don’t like about it. Do it because you are strong and beautiful – not because you need to burn off that extra spoon of peanut butter.

catch ya later 😀


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