birkram baking



sorry for the dorky photo, it’s just how I feel like greeting you today.

It is hot in this tiny apartment today! sunday means meal prep for the week and my tiny wee oven has been working it’s ass off – sweaty is sexy right?

After planning on making dinner at home last night we just really felt like going out and went to ‘Travellers’ because the Mr was craving a burger and fries. With my brother here we ate sooo much Korean food so we were really digging some Western eats. 

I had vegetarian enchiladas and fries (which I am proud to say I only ate a few off and shared the rest with a hungry man), pared with a couple of cosmos. It was super dark in the restaurant so I didn’t get any pics but I assure you it was good looking and good tasting. We watched the rugby in the bar before heading back to our neighborhood for  a beer.


I have been eyeing this up for ages and decided to try it even though I don’t usually drink stout. It was surprisingly delicious and probably better then the light beer I always pick because it took me much longer to drink.

After a few drinks I couldn’t be bothered to make my chia pudding – sob! – so this mornings breakie was bran flakes with frozen banana and strawberries.


Check out the size of this flake haha! Sure to keep you nice and regular ‘ahem.’


After a Jillian Michaels workout I grabbed an ice-tea with the Mr before he headed out to an MMA competition (for reals, he’s so manly), and came home to cook up a storm. 

I have been all about the meal planning lately as it means I can come home from work and exercise or try to learn some Korean. As you can see I made a big mess 😀


I made a bunch of wedges just by tossing some oil and cajun spice together and mixing in both normal and sweet potato. Seriously there is enough to feed us for three or four meals, this is bowl one of many.


I made super easy ratatouille by roasting eggplant, onion, green pepper, zuchinni and a can of tomatoes. Simply mix them in a bowl with a TB of Italian spice and roast until the veggies are tender. 

There is also a veggie burger mix sitting in the fridge and these babies. 


I got the recipe for these peanut butter protein bars from Chocolate Covered Katie but I usually bake to turn into cookies. They are so delicious and packed with protein. Good for the Mr as well as he seems to always be hungry with all the training he does and has named them the Magic Cookies. I made a batch on Thursday and they were polished off last night.

lunch was similar to yesterdays, but greener.


an apple with cashew butter, cucumber and hummus and some of the ratatouille with black beans. I may have snacked on a bunch of wedges as well – gotta make sure they taste good right?

Anyway I exausted so will spend the rest of the afternoon trying not to eat all the cookies and reading my kindle in the sunshine. have a good Sunday 😀



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