checking in

Happy Saturday!

I started my day with my new favorite breakfast. I am terrible at finding a food combo I like and running it into the ground, lately it has been chia puddings. These are so easy, versatile and basically you get to eat pudding for breakfast which is always awesome. Also preparing them the night before is a big time saver in the mornings – who doesn’t want extra sleep?

To make blend a frozen banana, 2TB of chia seeds and about 1/2 cup of milk together. Leave it overnight and it will turn into a pudding consistency. What makes this breakfast so good though is the add ins, let your mind so crazy! Today I threw in some frozen strawberries, a little bit of spinach, cocoa powder and raw oats. Topped off with a few walnuts this morning – and a huge cup of coffee of course.
It looks icky and green but was strawberry chocolate goodness and had a ton of protein to keep my going.

After breakky I made it to zumba which was AMAZING today. There were heaps of people and a lovely group of middle aged Korean women who motivate me. If they can come to a dance class with weird white people in a strange language then there is no reason I shouldn’t give it my best.

After zumba I got groceries and came home to a mix of a lunch. After shopping for food I always just want to eat everything so I made a big plate.

Carrots, cucumber with green hummus for dipping, marmite on crackers, a green apple with  cashew butter and CHEESE. I splurged at the supermarket on real cheddar and it was so worth it. Apple and cheese is an awesome food combo.

Lately I have been focusing on what I am eating rather then how many calories. It is too easy to look at a snack for the calorie content which overall wont leave you fulfilled and isn’t adding anything to your body. Yesterday I snacked on a Reese PB cup because it was only 100calories and my mini pack of almonds was 150. Dumb choice as you can probably imagine while the cup was delicious it did nothing to curb my hunger. I think we get so caught up in calories counting that we forget why we eat in the first place – to fuel out bodies! Of course treats okay now and then but my focus right now is putting good things into my body even if they may have a slightly higher calorie content then other snacks.


Anyway I am off to attempt to bake some bread that has been rising for the past hour. Knock on wood!


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