oh, it’s been awhile…

Wow, so it has been awhile….


A few weeks ago I realised that I was totally overwhelmed with work (teaching has soooo much prep), exercise, trying to learn Korean, thinking I need to read more and spend time with the boy. It was getting a little too much so I decided to drop the blog. Too be honest I haven’t been sure what direction it was headed, I was posting food at one point and then travel and just general random thoughts. I found it much less stressful to just stop.

But I never deleated this blog, maybe my brain new that I wasn’t ready to let go. Lately I found that I have been missing writing as a way of relaxing and getting things off my mind. I am also finding myself more and more motivated to eat well and exercise, and feel like blogging about it will encourage these good habits.


So for now I have returned. I think I was stressing too much about blogging a certain amount of times every week when I didn’t always have stuff to say. For now I am just going to write to record my thoughts and keep my on track for this clean-living kick I am on.

Not much happened in the past few weeks, although my brother did come to Korea!!! It was really exciting to have him here as it was his frist trip out of NZ/Australia and I got to show someone from my family what exactly I do here. We went hiking in the 35degree heat, visited the beach, went to check out those odd North Koreans at the boarder and ate so much good Korean food. Just a few photos to give you an idea of my summer vacay….


kicking it at the Busan markets


who on earth goes hiking in a heat wave – we do 😉


Italian feast in Korea


they are ice-cream cones FYI




Phew that is a super brief idea of most of what I have been up to. The garden gnome is something my mum sent away with her friend when she went to Europe and I decided to continue its travels in Korea. The collection of those photos is for another day…


but I can’t resist slipping this one in.


 I have  been finding myself looking forward to working out more. As the weather has been insanely hot my running has had to be put aside and I have found myself looking for other workouts. I started doing Jillian Michaels a couple of months ago and have never felt so strong or good looking – loving the 6 week abs one! Todays workout include the level workout and a 3k run (am slowly continuing to run but not at the same pace or distance that I was achieving before). After all the craziness of the past few weeks with my brother here I am seriously looking forward to relaxing this weekend!!! Hope you have a good one 😀


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