gnome tales

So as I mentioned over vacation my brother visited and bought with him this tiny garden gnome I got my mum for xmas a few years ago. Recently her friend did a big Euro trip and all these ladies at her work thought it would be funny to take the gnome and get photos of it. There were all these little missions like get a photo of the gnome with a solo Asian person (because there are so many of them), and the women who  was on the trip took it really seriously and wrote this massive poem from the gnomes perspective. It documented the trip and was just over the top.

I decided to get in on that though as my brother bought the gnome with him and we took some pics of it around Korea. No little missions or anything – just whenever I remembered (I was kind of a bad gnome owner and forgot to take it to the beach the only day we went). Here are my favorite snaps….


it may be small but the gnome made it to the DMX boarder. My mum was slightly worried that if I tried to get a photo of it here I would anger some soldiers and start an international conflict – so just a quick snap!


gnomes get hungry too

ImageImageImageImageImageImagePeace out xoxo


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