Make up free suits me

So today marks the end of day three sans makeup and I have to say, so far so good. I did feel self-conscious when I first left the house but too be honest once I got to work and no one ran screaming from me I totally forgot about my bare face. I thought I would quickly let you all know how it is going, the good and bad.


The good….

1)      I never realized how much time during the day I spend fixing my face! It is so nice having those extra few minutes in the morning when I am tired and dragging my sorry self around the house. Not having to apply a bunch of products has made my mornings nice and easy.

2)      At work I no longer catch my face in a mirror and cringe about how my makeup is smudging or fading a bit. Instead I am finding myself looking and thinking ‘my skin looks so nice!’ It is great.

3)      I usually work out when I come home and it is such a load off not having to remove my makeup but being able to get straight into it. Particularly when I go to zumba straight from work and I am not able to remove it. Usually I worry about how my skin is sweating and probably absorbing all that makeup, instead I rocked zumba last night not thinking at all about having a breakout the next day.


who needs that makeup for a run?


The bad….

1)      Too be honest I can’t think of much!! If I look super close at my skin I start to think, oh crap I look tired and need some concealer under these eyes. But lets face it, who other then myself starts that intensely at my face (I hope no one).

2)      I guess I do like the girly side of wearing makeup, putting on an eye shadow that matches my outfit. But that’s seriously it. I was speaking to one friend who doesn’t wear makeup that much and she made the comment that by not wearing it every day it is all the more special when she does. So a night out has that little extra something when your all dolled up for the first time in awhile. I do like this mindset.


Other than all this it has been a normal week. I have been doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred as well as zumba and running so I am feeling very proud of myself. The workout is hard!! She really kicks your butt and makes you sweat like a mo fo, but I am already feeling stronger and better for it.


To leave you with something funny, check out this 6 year old’s summary of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. She has a good point (and excellent grammar for a kid who is writing in her second language).



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