Be Happy

As I wrote the last post about being careful when sick and listening to your body I had no idea what I was in for. I was so proud of myself for running on Monday and not overdoing it but unfortunately on Monday afternoon I got the mother of all migraines. Now I used to get them back when I was a teenager so it probably is completely unrelated to my run in the morning, especially as they tend to begin a day or two before the headache actually sets in. It still seemed a little coincidental though.


So last week was not fun, when I say migraine I don’t just mean a bad headache, although I know that most people just dismiss them as one. I am talking blurry vision (great for a teacher), trouble walking, my face going numb and then the awful headache. The worst thing is that being sick in Korea kind of isn’t something you can do. They don’t take sick days like we do and are much more likely to leave work to go to the doctor, get a shot in the ass and then return to get back into it. One of my co-teachers recently had her wisdom teeth out one morning and came back to work in the afternoon, so you can imagine how explaining a headache to them would go down. I don’t know how I managed to make my way through the week but let’s just say that Monday afternoon and all of Tuesday I was a pretty bad teacher. It thankfully went away in time for Saturday which was open day at work when the parents turn up to watch one class and have a morning tea with the teachers. I had been super nervous about that but after being so unwell I was just thankful to have my health on the day and didn’t stress about it. I think all went well, I made these super cool 3-D glasses with the kindergarteners for the open class, when in doubt give the parents something to take photos of!


The week was busy with work, but I thought I would quickly mention some things that I am loving right now.

-It is insanely muggy and hot in Daegu right now, gone are the days of wearing makeup and worrying about my appearance because the heat is too much for me. While I am not loving this I am digging the ice-cream Korea has to offer, particularly patbingsu!


This is a really popular Korean ‘dessert’ (this word does not mean what it would back home) of shaved ice with red beans, fruit, rice cake and other various toppings (see, not dessert when there is no chocolate or syrup involved).  It is actually really yummy and refreshing, and because of the fruit and beans I feel that I can eat it and it is a healthy meal. You can buy giant ones in all the cafes which have things like mango chunks, ice-cream or sherbet on top. Sadly they are probably enough for 4 people and I am not game enough to order one to myself.

-Podcasts! I am so slow on the podcast train but I finally downloaded a bunch during the week and am totally addicted. Some awesome ones, ‘The History Chicks’ which tells the lives of interesting women in a really cool down to earth way. I love these as it really is just like listening to good stories but with a couple of people there talking about it.


– Peanut Butter blondies from PPK, make them!! So yummy, I had to restrain myself from eating the tray.


smoothies never look as good as they taste


– I finally bought a blender the other day and have been making smoothies like it is going out of business. I really love spinach (if you haven’t added spinach to a smoothie yet then get with the times, you can’t taste it, honestly) half a banana, berries and some protein powder. Even better, I make them the night before so that in the morning I can be lazy and I don’t have to worry about waking up the other person living in my tiny apartment.


– This book, ‘three cups of tea’ is really inspiring read about a man who built a school for a small underprivileged in Pakistan. As an English teacher in a country where parents spend so much money on exclusive schools with laptops and all the latest resources, I love reading about a place where the children just want to learn. It is making me think about teaching overseas and I could be doing this job in a place where it would mean so much more. Hmmmmm……


I love lists like this, they make me stop and realize that  it is the simple pleasures that make my days good. Not so fun, the Jillian Michaels workout which I just did, I am sure it was really good for my body but it was super hard and she is ruthless – bad words were said. I am going to try and think of something to cook for dinner, really hard when it is so hot outside and I don’t want to turn on the oven, then relax for the rest of the evening. Happy Sunday 😀


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