Sicky Sick

Would you rather be sick on the weekends when you have the time to rest, or sick during the weekend so you can do fun things on your days off? I am more of a sick during the week person, even though it does suck I like my weekends a lot. I also think that just getting on with things can help you get better faster (we are talking about standard sickness such as a cold here, obviously nothing major).


the weather is always beautiful when you are feeling like crap


I ask because after 3 months of avoiding anything too bad I was sick this weekend, on my nice long 4 day weekend of course! I tried to ignore it, going for the hike and doing normal things like cleaning the house. But yesterday I woke up for my run all excited as I had a good night sleep and set off, only to feel like I was going to pass out 1km in. I walked for a bit then kept running but man it was hard! I managed 4k in total, having to take another walking break after 3. I get so frustrated when this happens! I know that my body is unwell and is telling me to take it easy and that there is a legit reason for it, but it really does make me feel like I am a crappy runner making little progress. I have been resting today (the run may have pushed me over the edge as I felt like crap this morning) and am planning on running tomorrow morning, but I really need to watch it I know. I have written about exercise guilt before and how we need to listen to our bodies, perhaps I should take my own advice.


Anyway the weekend was spend mostly relaxing, I read a couple of books and watched a few movies and went for a walk or too. Can’t ask for much more! Yesterday we found this park in the middle of town and sat there just talking and soaking up the sun, it was very romantical.


Peppermint tea, I must be unwell if my body doesn’t want coffee!


Today I sat in a café and read a really good Agatha Christie novel, ‘Evil Under the Sun’, I only just got into her books this year and I love them. I never manage to work out the killer though, she is sneaky. Lately I have been reading a lot of John Steinbeck, he is by far one of my favorite authors ever, but sometimes I need a break from all the depressing stories.

Lately I have been trying really hard to eat different things and the other day I stumbled across a killer seasoning.

¼ tsp chilli powder

¼ ginger

¼ tsp cumon

1/8tsp turmeric

I have been mixing this up and using it to roast chickpeas, eggplant and sweet potato, amazing! Today I mixed it up with some corn, eggplant and onion with a tiny bit of nutritionally yeast to make it a little cheesy, not too shabby if I do say so.


every time I photograph my food it looks terrible. It always tastes so good but I really do eat the most unappealing meals.


For some reason I have had a craving for eggs lately as well. I am vegan 98% of the time in Korea and have a weird relationship with eggs in that sometimes the thought of them disgust me. I went the past 5 months without an egg, no clue as to why they have made an appearance but recently a fried egg on nice bread is the ultimate meal for me.


New week = new goals! This week I want to stop snacking at night so much, stick to a budget of $10 a day and be in bed before 10:30pm. Fingers crossed.


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