Gatbawi Temple, you so pretty

Having a long weekend always makes me feel like I need to do something productive and interesting. Rather than just sitting around reading and drinking coffee then being amazed that the weekend is over, I knew that I was lucky to get four days off this week and had to make the most of it. Originally we were going to take a day trip to Gwangju, but then realized it is over three hours away by bus and I really couldn’t be bothered with that much traveling in one day. I had a snoop around and found a nice sounding park/temple/walk in Daegu called Palgongsan Park that was less than an hour away so no excuses!


Sometimes I find it hard to go places when I am living overseas, it is just all so intimidating. I always think, ‘what if the directions are wrong?’ ‘what if the bus stops at 4pm and I get stuck out there?’ I am a worrier like that. But this trip was surprisingly easy. The bus to the park only took half an hour and from there is was a short walk up a crazy steep hill (the steepest walk I have ever encountered) and at the top hidden in the hills and mist was this beauty.





There are two or three temples at this park but we visit Gatbawi as it was only a 2km walk and the other was 8km, I hadn’t prepared for a hike so opted for the easier one. The temple is absolutely beautiful, I have visit many temples throughout Asia but this was my favorite by far. It seemed so peaceful and relaxing, and walking up that big ass hill made it a little extra special.


There were Koreans praying and lighting candles but I didn’t snap any pictures as that felt a little rude.


All in all we weren’t there for long, there were a few nice looking restaurants where you could sit outside amongst the trees – but it was a little too early for my lunch. We took the bus home and I am now feeling much more relaxed then if I had taken a big trip to Gwangju. Today was a good reminder that we need to be brave and step outside our comfort levels at times, because the things you can see are so worth it.


If you are heading out to the park, I only know how to get ti the Gatbawi entrance, but the other temples are only a walk away.

From inside dongdaegu station take the number 7 exit (it is tucked away next to the bathroom and the 6th exit), walk through the carpark and you can see the bus stop right on the street. The 401 bus goes directly to the park and is the end of the line so you don’t need to watch out for the stop. On the way back just hang around the same area as they clean the bus and then hope back on when it is ready. It only costs the usual 1200won to ride the bus. Super cheap day trip!


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