Checking In

Hello blog.

Don’t give me that look blog, I know it has been a few days since we last talked. But too be honest, I have had nothing exciting to share with you.

Last weekend was spent at zumba, reading and baking. I did finally go and see The Great Gatsby and was really disappointed. I think the movie focused too much on the extravagant parties and the chick-flick relationship between Gatsby and Daisy. It didn’t have the same sadness as the book – and Toby Maguire isn’t that great in my books so he annoyed me a little. Haha what a complainer!

Then it was back to work, the weekends go way too fast for me now that I am settled in here. In the most recent ‘wtf’ thing a kid has done I had this story handed in this week and couldn’t get over the picture. It looks like the bear is flipping everyone off as it strolls away.


And while we are on the subject of funny Korea let me be really immature for a second and show you this picture of condoms I saw when we were in the pharmacy the other day…


Yeah pussy condoms. I may be 24 but you wouldn’t know it. Strange names for condoms though, wouldn’t you feel a little embarrassed buying ‘butterfly condoms.’

I am starting to eat cleaner and exercise a little more in an attempt to lose that last few kilos. I know that people roll their eyes at this statement, and that I should be happy with my body, but personally I feel like I have come far in weight loss and it seems a shame to stop when I am so close to a goal weight. Plus I have been snacking on some crazy treats lately, like these ice-creams.


Crazy good, being in a couple is awesome sometimes because you don’t have to choose which flavor to try. We split them but snickers was the winner as you would expect.


And I have been eating way too many of these cracker things that come with a side of nutulla to dip a cracker/your finger into. They say on the pack that they have ‘fun words inside!’


Not that fun. I bought a blender the other day which has changed my life as I can finally make smoothies and hummus! I have love affairs with blenders, definitely the most useful kitchen appliance.  

So that’s all that’s been going on, not too exciting as you can see. But this is a four day weekend in Korea as today is memorial day and most schools got tomorrow off as a vacation day. We plan on going to Gwangju where we used to live to eat at old favorite restaurants and just wander around. Hope the rest of your week goes nicely 😀


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