food and more food

You know what really sucks? Accidently dousing your dinner in salt. Especially when you have been looking forward to it all day! I mentioned the other day that I am bad at getting stuck in a rut with food, so tonight I was determined to cook something different.  Lesson learned – the world is telling me to eat the same thing every night.


Maybe it was a good thing as I ran 4 k this morning and probably needed some extra salt. My running has gotten much better over the past few weeks. When I got to Korea I felt like I hit a wall and went from being able to run 5ks to barely making 2 and a half. I came home one day from a run absolutely furious and so upset with myself and why this was happening. Part of me badly wanted to give up as I was feeling like every run was worse than the previous. Lucky I am a stubborn person and forced myself to keep going, I changed my running time from after work to in the morning and while it really sucks getting up that early I think it has helped. I am slowly starting to feel like my old self.

I think adding more protein to my diet has made a big difference as well. Right now I am loving chia seed pudding as it has so much protein and whenever I have it I find that I don’t need a snack in the afternoons, yay! I have been omitting the banana in the pudding and just having milk, then crunching up a few of these babies on top.


I got another order from iherb and got these as my new thing to try. They are totally raw cookies with coconut oil, chia seeds, and dates.  These are really good for a snack during the day or before a run, but the coconut oil is strong tasting and I am not the biggest coconut fan (too much of that flavor medicine when I constantly got tonsillitis as a kid).

Anyway this is becoming another random post! I went to homeplus after work in the hopes of finding a blender- I was let down. Breaks my heart as there is a bag of chickpeas in the cupboards that I really want to make into hummus! I consoled myself by purchasing heaps of food (I was hungry at the time which never helps).


I saw these dried persimmon on special and knew I had to get them. I don’t know why NZ doesn’t sell persimmons like this but they are so yummy and chewy, I ate two on the walk home.


Then I spotted these Kashi bars that were reduced by 60%, awesome! I had never tried these but Kashi is a brand that gets thrown around on the healthy food blogs a lot so I just wanted to eat something by them. I had a nibble already (no restraint when I find new food), and they are pretty damn good!


And some cute Asian stuff to send to my mum. Hope your week is going well!


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