Feeling the Burn!

This weekend can be summed up in one phrase ‘it’s so hot!’ Even though we both well aware of this the boy and I seem to be repeating it to one another constantly, why do people always do that when it is extremely hot or cold? Anyway I have spend the past two days attempting to cope with the heat and humidity by eating fruit, and wondering if I should bother with makeup anymore.


from a student, his mum put little bows on each one!

Yesterday I went to Busan again to get my Zumba on. There was a big public Zumba event which was put on to raise money for Africa  and my instructor from Daegu was going to be leading a few of the dances. Now I have mentioned before that I am not good at going out and meeting people, so as soon as I heard about the event I knew I needed to force myself to go. There were 8 of us and we took the KTX to Busan in the morning.

Busan welcomed me, within the first 10 minutes of arriving we saw a homeless guy cause a scene in public and get arrested. Then a car lightly bumped into a cycled (the car didn’t stop at a pedestrian crossing and the cyclist was pissed about that, but to be fair to the driver no one in Korea stops at those and the cyclists should have just assumed the driver would run it). There was no damage but saving face in Korea is a big thing so there was a huge fight. We then got in the taxi and were driving to the event when we saw a guy on the street selling chestnuts, the driver heard us discussing him and must have thought we wanted to buy some so he called the chestnut man over. We were spared an awkward ‘no we don’t want any’ when the guy started waving is hand furious and shaking his head then yelled something in Korean and walked off. The Korean girl with us translated that he had said ‘I don’t sell these to foreigners, they are too special.’ Thanks Busan!

Anyway it was hot as hell in the gym and after dancing for two hours I was a sweaty beast. Here is a before pic.


A during…


And an after.


Yeah look at that forehead But hey, if it doesn’t make you look ugly then it wasn’t a hard enough workout right.

I had so much fun dancing, and getting to know the other people from Daegu who came was an added bonus. The only bad thing about the day was that I didn’t bring any lunch as the event was 2-4 and I thought there would be a mart or something close by – there wasn’t. Most of us had nothing to eat and were super hungry by the end of the day. I just wanted to get home and take a shower so while everyone went out to dinner me and one other guy headed back to the station, downed a smoothie king and then got the train back. I got home at 6:30, I don’t know about you but when I have a big day like that I just want to get home as quick as possible. I forced the boy to come downtown with me to get Mexican food (it was an easy forcing), and satisfied my hunger with a burrito and margarita.


My theory was that I needed the margarita to replenish the salt I had lost.

Today I walked in the 36 degree heat downtown to check out a farmer’s markets which was really lame and disappointing. Hardly any vegetables, jams and bread like the ad promised and mostly people selling their homemade jewelry and crafts. I did, however, score some homemade mozerella cheese which went down a treat with my cheese and jalapeno bagel for lunch. I needed to relax after all that walking and zumba-ing from the weekend so the rest of the day has been spent reading.


Anyone else read this? I saw the movie and liked it, but it was disturbing as hell. The book seems pretty good, it is also nice to be having a real book in my hands after using my kindle for so long. There is a really good second hand bookstore/café/vegetarian restaurant in Daegu that has become my happy place.

So a pretty busy weekend by my standards. I am starting to realize how much I have changed in my 20s, a few years ago I never would have gone away with people I barely know, but now I am focused on enjoying everything and being open to new experiences. Even though things like this scare me a little (it sounds so silly to talk about making friends being scary!) I know that I won’t regret getting involved. Sometimes I feel very mature, then I laugh when I discovered this morning that the people who used to live in my apartment drew a penis on the corner of the wardrobe door…

Happy Sunday!



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