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End of the week, yay!! I hope you have something awesome planned. I will be heading to Busan tomorrow for a giant zumbathon (it’s a thing). It is a fundraiser for Africa but also part of my way of making new friends here. I have been going to zumba a few times a week and am really loving it. The weird thing is I hated it when I went to a few classes in NZ, I think the girl who takes it here just makes it so much more fun.

Anyway this post is going to be random as the week has been in this manner. It was filled with a lot of watermelon as we finished off the giant one I bought last week…


And a lot of banana chia seed pudding.

I really love food blogs, unsure why, looking at other peoples meals just makes me hungry/want to eat better. I wish I could have an exciting food blog but to be honest I always eat the same thing and it is boring. I have a terrible habit of finding a food or meal that I love and eating it constantly for a month or two. Lately it has been the banana pudding and stuffed sweet potatoes. I am so in love with sweet potatoes, I eat them every day no lie. Right now I have some in the oven which will soon be wedges, I plan to have black beans over them and make some sort of nacho dish. On a side note, you know you have been living overseas too long when you stop calling them kumaras!

I have been running really well lately, forcing myself to go at least three times a week. I usually go Friday after work and today it was crazy hot. Daegu is the hottest city in Korea, something I only found out recently. But I was determined not to let myself down and put on my running shoes. When I go for a run I find it hard to get motivated and will ask the boy for encouragement, it often consists of him singing a few lines of ‘you’re the best’, today he said ‘be careful.’ Very inspiring.


Anyway I ran along this which is beautiful, but it was hot as hell. I noticed an outdoor thermometer which said it was 35 degrees, awesome. Even though I wanted to do a long run tonight I realized that it wouldn’t happen, it is so important when you run to be aware of

1) how you feel that day and

2)the environment. It was too hot so I paced myself for 26minutes and then walked home. I feel kind of bummed that I couldn’t run any longer but at the time there was no way, I came home a big sweaty tomato. Even though we don’t always reach our exercise goals I think the fact that we try should be celebrated, so I present you with my ‘run yourself ugly’ face.


It wasn’t what I hoped for, but I definitely got my workout!

Afterwards I quickly bought some cheesy Korean things to post home tomorrow (we are sending the giant T-Rex to its new home and I thought I should send some stuff so my family doesn’t feel left out).


Notice the socks!

And I found it really hard not to open these and see what they taste like!


pasta flavored chips, carbs + carbs!


Instead I tried this red bean paste, it was surprisingly nice, will do for my energy fix tomorrow.


And I enjoyed a big class of this….


If you are reading this post and are very confused by its randomness perhaps the wine explains why. This is so random! Anyway I am off to eat, watch an embarrassing amount of old Full House episodes and then get some sleep. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!



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