watermelon, cookies and dianosaurs

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had lovely weekends, mine went by nice and slow as I had made it my goal to enjoy the long weekend.

It started with a watermelon….


The old man who sells fruit is usually really nice to me and I went to buy a $5 watermelon from him. He kind of refused to sell me it and kept talking about how good the $10 one was. Maybe he is right and something was wrong with the cheaper ones, he could have been trying to save me some watermelon disappointment. However I was kind of annoyed with him, I buy fruit from this guy all the time and he usually gives me free things like strawberries and is always so happy to see me. Hmmmmm

Anyway that was the mission of the long weekend, eat a lot of watermelon. Good thing it has been hitting 30 degrees!


Friday was spent cleaning and grocery shopping (yawn) but getting it out of the way meant that I had the rest of the weekend to myself which is a rare thing. We had to buy a birthday present for a 6 year old nephew and after a huge struggle of what to get we ended up buying this baby.


Giant T-Rex, loved by kids, hated by the mother who has to blow it up. That may have been part of the reason we chose it, nothing like pissing off your sister.

I went for a run on Friday, not realizing that it was crazy hot. It was good to get out and enjoy the weather though.

Saturday and Sunday I relaxed with a book and food, okay with watermelon and wine. I recently read ‘If I Stay’ by Gayle Forman. I have to say that I didn’t think the book was anything special, but it turned out to be pleasantly surprising. The story follows Mia, a teenage girl whose family is involved in a fatal car crash one day. She is the only survivor and the book is told from her point of view as she spiritually (For lack of a better word) observes what is going on in the aftermath of the crash. She has to decide if she wants to return to the world and continue to live or just give up.

I often find it hard to relate to young female characters, they just always seem to be unrealistic and have these weird high-school lives where no one talks like a normal person. However I really enjoyed the character of Mia in this book, she was simple and honest and I found her very likable. I also really enjoyed the idea in this book, what should we do when faces with a struggle? Giving up seems like a cop-out, but in this situation would you just be better off to avoid a life where those you love are gone and your whole world is going to change. In a smaller way I think I can relate it to my everyday life, when I do things like move-overseas or even just go for a run, part of me wants to quiet because it is too hard. The book made me look at how we see change in a new way, it is scary and it isn’t always going to be the best option.

Anyway I liked this book enough to buy the sequel (where she went) for my kindle. It was okay, not as good as the original, but I just really like closure when I read books – tie up all the loose ends!

And now for a recipe. I am a pretty useless cook in that I never follow a recipe. I try, really, but then I think to myself ‘wow this recipe would be great if I add…..’ and usually it works out okay. Today I decided to make cookies and I ended up getting majorly sidetracked by the recipe, then when I was pouring in the salt I accidently added a little too much  :S Turned out to be a happy accident as I created something delicious!

Salted almond and chocolate love bites


ImageThese are so yummy, full of almond butter for protein; chocolate just because and a hint of sea salt. Lately the combo of salt and chocolate has been rocking my world and I was pretty happy with how these cookies turned out.



– 3/4 cup all-purpose flour

– 1/4 tsp baking powder

– 1/2 tsp salt (just under level)

–  3/4 tsp baking soda

– 1/4 cup white sugar

– 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

– 1 and 1/2 tablespoons milk of choice

–  1/4 cup butter

–   2 TB chocolate almond butter (or just add a little cocoa powder if you only have regular almond butter, see I really don’t take these recipes too seriously)


The Know How

–          Mix dry ingredients in a bowl.

–          Melt the butter in a pan, add milk and vanilla and mix.

–          Add the wet ingredients to dry and mix.

–          Stir in the almond butter, it should melt slightly but still remain a little firm so you get delicious mouthfuls of it when the cookies are ready.

–          Bake at 130 degrees for about 8 minutes. They will look very soft when done but leave them to harden, around 5 minutes.For extra goodness, top with a little almond butter instead of icing.


Also on this weeks list of goals – get a damn haircut! I look like Martin from the Simpsons in this.


Tomorrow another week begins. I am trying to have in goals for each week, tiny things that I can actually achieve. This weeks is to drink less coffee (I am getting bad!), more water and stick to a budget of $10 a day. Lets see how that goes!


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